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  • The Ultimate Weight Loss Plan

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    Ultimate Accelerated Plan (Men)

    Shred body fat and get results in ONLY 6 weeks with NO Gym Necessary!

    Gina’s Ultimate Accelerated Plan is designed to bring you fast results in a simple and balanced way! If you follow the plan, you will change your body in ONLY 6 weeks. There is absolutely no guessing about what you should or shouldn’t do because it is all laid out for you!


    36 CIRCUIT WORKOUTS (list format)

    NOTE : This Plan is for women. If you’re a woman, click here.

    Do what’s on the Plan = Get results, guaranteed!

    Here is what you get with my Ultimate Accelerated Plan:

    • What to eat and when! Take the guessing out of what you “Should be eating”!
    • Gina’s various delicious recipes throughout the plan
    • 36 circuit workouts, NO Gym Necessary!!!
    • Includes every meal and full exercise plan for 6 full weeks!
    • Includes a NEW meal plan and training routine for each week!
    • Includes Gina’s recommended Supplement list to target fat loss (supplements NOT included, simply Gina’s recommended list)
    • *supplements not included just recommendations that can be purchased separately
    • Includes fat blasting cardio routine
    • Gina’s Top favorite, easy to make and delicious recipes

    You have an event you are gearing up for, a party to look forward to or maybe your yearly vacation to the tropics, here it is … Your plan to get you in the best shape in ONLY 6 weeks! How would you like to follow an easy, spelled out 6 week plan that guarantees results? Well that’s what you get from Gina’s ULTIMATE ACCELERATED PLAN.

    What you can expect from following Gina’s Ultimate Accelerated Plan?

    • Feeling hot and Confident in 6 weeks or less!
    • Finally seeing that Dream body in the mirror!
    • Results you will maintain beyond the 6 week plan!
    • Tools to carry with you forever! Bye Bye “diets”!
    • Freedom from wondering how you are going to fit into your bikini for your summer vacation!
    • And yes, a go to plan for you to follow when you need to turn things up for a special event or party!

    So What are you waiting for?! Get started on my ULTIMATE ACCELERATED PLAN Today!

    Only $79.00

    Check out what other people on the Ultimate Accelerated Plan are saying…

    • “I lost 7 pounds in just the first 2 weeks!! This is the first time I have dropped below 187 in my Adult life and feel GREAT!”

      ~ Vince L.

    • Gina’s UAP is incredible! The plan is not impossible to follow, even with kids and a job! I can’t wait to see the next 3 weeks! Then Gina’s Ultimate Shred 365 plan! Loving being lean!

      ~ Tony Rabbito

    • I recently completed the 6 week meal program for men with great results went from 243 lbs to 220, waist from 40 in to 36 and 31% body fat to 25%…thank you so very much!!!

      ~ D. Sanders

    • ~ Travis Vesely

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