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    6 week UAP- Ultimate Accelerated Plan

    6-Week ACCELERATED Program

    I have not set a foot in a gym in over 7 years, and I have never looked or felt better in my life! As a mother and full-time businesswoman I know that time is scarce, but getting in shape should not mean sacrificing all your free time or spending outrageous money on a fancy gym ­– it should be about finding a routine that fits with your current schedule while elevating BOTH your physique and life quality to the next level.

    Let me ask you this:

    • Do you feel like time is the barrier keeping you from reaching your fitness goals?
    • Do you believe you need access to a fully equipped gym to get in shape?
    • Do you feel uncomfortable among people or intimidated by complicated gym machines?
    • Does your work schedule or family commitments prevent you from working out?

    If you have used any of the above reasons to put off your fitness journey, I have good news for you. My Ultimate Accelerated Program is designed to take your body to the next level in only 6 weeks, through ultra-effective, high intensity circuit workouts that combine cardio and weight training for maximum results in minimal time.

    Best of all? Every single exercise in this program requires very little to no equipment, and you are able to complete the workouts in the comfort of your own home, the gym, a park, or even your office!

    All you need to succeed with my program is the drive, determination and deep desire to change your body.

    Can I really transform my body in just 6 weeks?

    Oh yes, you can! In fact, if you commit to this plan I GUARANTEE that you will:

    • Lose Weight
    • Burn Fat
    • Build Lean Muscle
    • Improve Your Endurance
    • Increase Your Strength

    … and above all, feel AMAZING!

    Does the UAP Plan work for any fitness level?

    YES! Whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete, the Ultimate Accelerated Plan will transform your body quicker than you ever thought possible, with simple and balanced fitness routines you can maintain for the rest of your life.

    Each workout is customizable to your individual strengths and limitations, which means you will see results no matter what level you are at right now!

    If you have the dedication to achieve your goals, I will show you that:
    • It IS possible to get amazing results WITHOUT a gym membership./li>
    • It IS possible to shred body fat and build muscle in ONLY 6 weeks.
    • It IS possible to establish a routine you’ll WANT to keep up for life.

    Are you ready to change your life in less than two months? Scroll down below to see ALL that comes with the Ultimate Accelerated Program!

    Check out others who have had great success on the UAP in ONLY 6 weeks and with NO GYM!

    Ultimate Accelerated Program
    • 36 High Intensity Circuit Workouts that combine cardio and strength training for maximum results
    • 6-Week Daily Nutrition Plan to burn fat, build muscle and optimize healthy weight loss
    • 6-Week Daily Exercise Plan with ultra-effective workouts that can be done anywhere and require minimal equipment
    • Fat Blasting Cardio Plan to increase your calorie burn and improve your endurance
    • Customizable Workouts that can be adjusted to fit any fitness level
    • 6-Week Grocery List to make shopping and food prep super simple
    • Food Substitution List so you can customize your meals to fit your needs and preferences
    • Gina’s Favorite Healthy & Delicious Recipes throughout the program to reduce cravings while reaching your fitness goals
    • 14 Tips to Ensure Success and get the results you really want

    NEW Meal Plan & Training Routine for Each Week!

    This Plan is for women. If you’re a man, check out the UAP for MEN HERE

    Only $79.00

    Check out what other people on the Ultimate Accelerated Plan are saying…

    • Thanks to the 6 week UAP, I have lost 8 pounds and a total of 9 inches. Thank you Gina, I am so happy with my results!

      ~ Patricia Welch-Perez

    • Thank you Gina for taking my body to another level. Starting at  119 lb and 18.5% body fat and dripping each week…

      Week1 118.6 lb 16.8%
      Week2 117.3 lb 16.4%
      Week 3 116 16.9%
      Week 4 116.2 lb 16.5%
      Week 5 114.5 lb 16.5% Ending at  113.9 lb and 16.2% and never felt better!! Thank you!

      ~ Kristine Armitage

    • “My shred progression on Gina’s UAP. Just wow..I have tried many programs and I have to say, Gina’s is the absolute best in every aspect: from the food choices to the workouts to the supplementation. I’ll never look back I love Gina!”

      ~ April Marie

    • Gina, I wanted to share my 2 week results from your UAP!!!! My clothes are fitting better, my energy is incredible, and I’m so much happier. You’re a miracle worker!!

      ~ Ashley Marie

    • I have only been on the Ultimate Accelerated Plan and workouts for 2 weeks and I have noticed a huge difference! My arms are leaning out and I look leaner and feel GREAT!

      ~ Jenna

    • Only 3 weeks on Gina’s UAP and down 13.5 pounds and 4.5 inches off my waistline. My body fat went from 32% to 23% and I couldn’t be happier!!! I am a momma of 3, nursing 2 of my own and pumping to donate to twins!! Not only is UAP working, it is NOT affecting my milk supply! Thank you so much for the plan and extra guidance!

      ~ Amy Flores

    • The Picture on left is when I started Gina’s UAP, in the middle of July (about 6 weeks ago). Pic on the right is today. I started with the UAP and now am following the US365. It is great because there is no more stress about how to eat. Just follow the plan and it works!! Thank you for making it EASY to follow! I have always enjoyed fitness and working out, but have never experienced results like this! I’m learning more about myself and feeling great! This program is challenging, motivating, and helping me dig deep! Thank you all for the help along the way as I find my way along this journey. Still things I need to work on as far as getting my mind right…I am finding that is part of the process, at least it is for me!!

      ~ Amber McKown O’Rourke

    • 63 years old and never felt better! I just finished Gina’s UAP and Loved it!! Thank you Gina!! Love your UAP!!

      ~ Nikki

    • I am not perfect, but I have learned how I can get there. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Gina and all the knowledge and tools she has given me with her UAP plan!!! I followed the meal plan to a T, but not so much the workouts. and even still got these results!! I couldn’t be happier!

      ~ Jeanette Brooke Edwards

    • So excited about my 6 week results! Now after 3 months on Gina’s UAP, I have lost 6 kg AND created a new way of life. I feel very happy and want to thank you for the support and help.

      ~ Cecillia Terni

    • With honestly only 90% compliance to the diet and 60% to the workouts, I am deeply grateful for the life chaining impact that Gina’s 6 week UAP has had on my body and my life! — feeling accomplished.

      ~ Melissa Walsh

    • Ok, here it is. I started at 190 on July 1, 2014. I have lost 27lbs and am feeling better about myself. I have another 20 to lose before I can fit into all of my clothes which is my ultimate goal…this program and family have been amazing. Still a lot of work ahead of me but I am ready to get it done. Thank you Gina!

      ~ Mandy Maddox Steed

    • Ok, sorry about the half-nakey pic for a second, and the super sexy jammies…but I am pumped about this program!! This was taken week 3 of Gina’s 6 week UAP! It’s a 6 week meal plan, tons of exercise circuits (no gym necessary) and lean protein recipes! There is also a Facebook group to join with so many encouraging people!! I’m obsessed!!

      ~ Lauren Davis

    • I’m so excited! I started Gina’s UAP seven weeks ago in prep for a family trip to Hawaii. I haven’t felt good in a bikini in years and wanted to change that. I started packing and tried on a few bikini’s… Well hot damn, if I didn’t LOVE what I saw staring back at me in the mirror! I’m giddy, not even borderline. …just plain old giddy! They won’t be able to get me out of my bikinis while there and I’m going to feel confident standing next to the 20-something’s we’re travelling with that dont have kids! Gina- you rock so hard, THANK YOU for this program. It’s pretty darn incredible!

      ~ Crystal B.

    • Ok so yesterday was my last day on Gina’s UAP! It’s been an amazing experience! My results may not be a Wow for everyone, but they are pretty WOW for me! Lost 10#, 3 inches in my waist and 2.75 off my hips! I can’t wait to see where Gina’s US365 takes me now… I’m really excited!

      ~ Patricia Hinojosa

    • Week 1 is done and I am down 3 lbs so far!!! LOVING The Ultimate Accelerated Plan!

      LOVING ACCELERATED PROGRAM!!! Not so worried about the weight (although I have already lost about a pound and a half), but wanting to see and feel a difference…THRILLED SO FAR!!!

      Down 10 pounds in 6 weeks but more than the weight, I feel incredible! I was amazed to see how much energy I have had! There is no way this is a “diet”, I never felt restricted! I love Gina’s UAP!!

      ~ Crystal

    • Just so you know, the Accelerated Plan is great! Menu is great in terms of changing it up just enough while not so much that I’m left with a bunch of leftovers I can’t eat. That is hard to find with any plan I’ve tried. Thank you!! I’m now on week 4 and have been sticking with all of the elements of the plan consistently, and I feel great!!

      ~ Karen

    • It’s been 1 week and I am down 6 lbs, 0.5 inches in the waist, 0.5 inches in hips and 0.75 inches in the chest!!!:)

      ~ Jessica

    • I have been enjoying and loving the program! I have lost almost 5 pounds in 3 weeks and can’t believe how strong I have gotten!!!

      I also wanted to let you know that for the first time I can actually see a little difference in my abs. Having 4 kids back to back everyone has told me that my stomach will never be the same. I actually started to accept that. That is until I started your Ultimate Accelerated Plan. It has flattened and I can start to see some definition. I still have a ways to go but am excited that change is happening. Thank you Gina!!

      ~ Julie

    • I could have cried today! I want to first thank you for the Accelerated Plan! I have been on and LOVE your Ultimate Shred 365 but feel like I hit a plateau. This week on your UAP Plan, I broke the plateau and lost 4 pounds!!!! I am finally out of the 170’s and into the 160’s. Thank you so much Gina, You are amazing!!!

      You have helped me tremendously & I do your daily G-Fit workouts that you post along with the circuit workouts in your Ultimate Accelerated Plan and I love them!! This has been a long journey but so worth it! It took me 20 years to realize I was worth investing time in me & seeing you workout with your baby made me see that my kids & grand kids are not an excuse but rather motivation. I can’t thank you enough!

      ~ Michelle

    • LOVE LOVE LOVE The Ultimate Accelerated Plan!!!!

      ~ Michelle W.

    • Absolutely LOVING the Ultimate Accelerated Plan workouts!! They are perfect for me and my little beatsie:) Thanks so much Gina Aliotti!!! Mommas gonna get her body back!!

      ~ Aletha

    • I’ve just started your UAP today, and added sprints up and down my street before and in between and after each circuit – LOVE it !!! I just got rid of my gym membership and got my garage gym set up, and the circuits are perfect to do from home.

      ~ Kelly all the way from Australia

    • I just had to share my good news with you all!! I just started the UAP last Sunday. So one week down, I didnt really expect a huge difference in one week. Well, I got on the scale and lost a whopping 4 lbs!! Gina your plan ROCKS!!!! I even see changes in my body, I have that regrettable pouch that some women get when they pass 35 (hate it), that is even shrinking!! This is definitely going to be a longtime lifestyle for me!! feeling thankful!

      ~ Renee Belfield-Sylvester‎

    • I’m loving the UAP! I’m on week 2 now. Got up this morning did my cardio and circuit 11! Looking forward to another successful week! Thank you Gina!!

      ~ Angela

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