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Good Morning, Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is feeling better, if you were one of those that may have felt a little ‘Bla’ from the holiday! If you kept on moving forward and jumped right back on the wagon, I know that, 3 days later, you are back to your old self. You see how that feels and how you were able to bounce right back? Those fears you may have experienced before the holiday have been put to rest and you see how there was nothing to fear? This is a great example of how so many of our fears that keep us from trusting in our abilities and pushing ourselves, are merely fears we make up in our own heads yet are truly non existent! If you approach a possible roadblock or your deepest fear with hesitation, it may be the one thing haunting you from taking those steps forward. If you take on those fears and step forward with confidence and the belief in yourself, you climb that wall and make it to the top, realizing that there wasn’t much to fear after all! So often our fears are so much bigger in our heads than in reality! It is all about having that confidence that you will climb that wall and make it to the top. You will face those fears and not let anything stop you! It takes confidence to take on those fears but then that confidence only grows as you work your way to the top and then when you reach the top, that confidence is even more amplified. With confidence, we can go after and achieve anything! Anything that comes along the way, we can go after it and take it on! Don’t allow your mind to stop you from moving forward. The unknown is often so much scarier than reality but our minds allow us to think otherwise. As we prepare for this upcoming week, think about something you may be fearing and trust in yourself and have the confidence to take it on and move past it!

Stay on track! Today, prepare your food for the week but don’t forget to plan and prepare your mind for a new and exciting week. Let’s round out the month with a golden star and an accomplished check mark and move into the final part of 2010 with no fear!

Have an amazing Day!!