Everyone tells us to stay motivated. People say to keep going, don’t quit but how do you Never “quit” and keep motivation going? The difference between those who reach their goals and those who don’t is staying motivated. If you’re motivated, you’ll keep going. If you keep going, eventually you’ll reach your goal! The question is, where does that motivation come from?
You wake up and are you ready to conquer? Either you wake up roaring to go or you need a little pick me up and a better reason to get you motivated. What Motivates you today? If you are in need of a few reasons to get you going, here are 10 bonus reasons to stay motivated.
1. Confidence: Recall the way you feel after an amazing workout! Don’t you feel accomplished and overall just GREAT! Confidence is through the roof because you did it! That is reason #1 and reason in itself to go after it!!
2. Clothes just fit better! It’s summer but regardless of the season, don’t you just feel better when your clothes fit better! Wouldn’t you go the extra distance for this incredible feeling?
3. Make the week feel more productive and fly by! When you are working towards a goal and have something to look forward to, daily, it makes the week fly by! The week will not only go faster, but be more enjoyable because every day you are aiming for your goal!
4. Gives you purpose! This is a biggie!!! We all need reason to go after something. We all need a sense of purpose! Having a goal taking the steps (big and/or small gives you reason and purpose. There is a reason you are getting out of bed to cardio it up. When you have a purpose there comes a deeper sense of motivation because you have a reason to do what you do!
5. For your future! Don’t you want to be healthy for not only yourself but for those around you? The healthier you are the better way of life you have! Being able to hike into your 80’s or 90’s or see your grandchildren grow up, reason in itself!
6. Power of momentum: Day in and day out efforts leads to momentum and that momentum leads to results. When you have momentum, motivation stems and keeps you going! You have to get started and then motivation takes over!
7. Results: Consistency is what brings results. When you see the results and feel the results, you realize how amazing you feel from the inside out! There is nothing that can match this feeling. That feeling alone is motivation in itself!! Think about that feeling… Don’t you get motivated just thinking about it?
8. Pay it Forward! It is so inspiring to do what you do! When others see how hard you are working and how committed you are, you motivate others! By motivating others, it motivates you because you know you are helping others just in doing what you do!
9. Learn as you Go! Your journey is like your own science experiment! You learn and come up with new hypotheses as you go! The further you go and the harder you push, the more you learn about you! You’ll discover what tools work best for you and which ones don’t. Learning what you are all about and what works best for you is incredible because you realize you are in control! Be your own scientist and watch the motivation follow!
10: Kaizen: Being a better you today than you were yesterday brings about motivation to see what you can do to surpass what you did yesterday! Constant improvements and finding ways to accomplish just that is pure motivation!