Cards, Flowers, Loving comments, nice gestures, appreciation, and everything “Sweet” comes on a day like today!! No reason to not be able to enjoy the sweetness of today the healthy way! Tips for a healthy, loving and sweet Valentine’s Day!
-Love your heart…Commit yourself to exercising, do something active! Today, whether your partner is an avid exerciser or not, today, exercise as a couple. Go for a nice walk, walk the dogs, whatever it may be, be sure to do something active, as a couple!
-If you are single, hold yourself accountable and plan to work out with a friend.
-If you have a date night set aside, consider what is on the menu! Headed out… be sure to make your smart choices. Staying in, cook a healthy Super Delicious GA meal! Find a recipe, light some candles and go for it!!
-Rather than tempting your loved one with chocolates or sweets, offer the sweetest thing of all–a creative poem, homemade valentine, put together a slideshow of your favorite photos to your favorite love song, etc. Nothing is sweeter and will make the heart throb more than your own creativity!
– Remember, good ol Quality time is one of the most meaningful gifts. Don’t be convinced that a box of chocolates is the way to go!
-Use this day as an opportunity to tell those around you how you feel about him/her, your appreciation and gratefulness.
-Chocolate all around you and just have that Chocolate craving, opt for Dark Chocolate over Milk Chocolate to get all the heart healthy benefits!
-Don’t tell yourself you “can’t” have a sweet treat. Ask yourself how bad you want it and if you want it bad enough, go for moderation. A small piece of dark chocolate may be all you need to satisfy your sweet tooth! Moderation and serving size is KEY here!
-Be sure to not allow today to be the day that you aren’t getting in your small frequent meals! With all the sweets everywhere, today is not the day to miss a meal or not managing your meal timing properly! Keeping yourself satisfied is the way to help you avoid those cravings!
-You can make many of your favorite recipes healthier by simply using healthy modifications!
-For something a little sweeter without the guilt, try our favorite Valentine’s Day Strawberry Parfait
-Making a salad for dinner, add fresh strawberries to your greens for a beautiful Valentine’s Salad!
Today is a day to love yourself and love others! A day to appreciate what you have and those that love you for all that you are and all that you are not. Cherish this day by loving yourself with fitness and health by making “sweet” decisions!!