Success Story: Katrina Brewington

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  1. Drena says:

    This is my favorite story. Katrina’s heart and her love for God – is so beautiful and her transformation is a reflection of what is within her. Her life as a devoted Mother of Five Children and as a God-Loving Wife – really touches my heart and inspires me. Thank you so much Gina for sharing Katrina’s story with us. This is just what I needed to get on my feet and begin. Gina, you are such a Blessing to us all.

    • Thank you Drena! Katrina has had an incredible transformation and a true reflection of who she is as a mother, wife and person! Her story is so inspiring. Hasn’t always been easy but she is a fighter and has made a beautiful story! Thank you for your sweet comment. I will share this with her, as her love is helping other women now see that they too can make BIG changes in their life, and bodies! big hugs!!

  2. Drena says:

    Dear Gina,

    Big hugs to you and I am going to book a consultation! It is time. 🙂

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