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Ultimate Breakthrough Plan

Total Body Transformation- 6 Weeks – No Gym!


With this program, you are guaranteed to break free from old habits that have kept you from reaching your goals and finally have the BREAKTHROUGH you need to finally reach your goals once and for all. The best part is, everything is laid out in a very simple, realistic and easy to follow way.  All the SIMPLE secrets and tricks that will ensure LASTING results! Bye Bye diets, hello Breakthrough! All the secrets and tricks that have been proven to work and keep you lean all year long.

Gina’s Ultimate Breakthrough Plan is designed to bring you fast results in a simple and easy to follow way! If you follow the plan, you will change your mindset and body in ONLY 6 weeks.

If you loved and had great success with my UAP, you will LOVE this plan that much more. This plan is designed to help you break free from the mental and physical barriers that have sabotaged your success in the past.

There is absolutely no guessing about what you should or shouldn’t do because it is all laid out for you in a very simple and realistic way!

Take a look below to see ALL that comes with The Ultimate Breakthrough Plan and take a look inside…

NOTE : Sorry gentlemen, this plan is specifically designed for women.

Follow the Plan = Get Breakthrough Results!

Here is a glimpse of what you get with The Ultimate Breakthrough Plan:

  • 15 circuit workouts + 6 bonus workouts ALL with FULL Real Time Videos including modifications and demonstrations.  (No Gym Necessary)
  • Ultimate Breakthrough Meal Plan- 6 weeks of meal plans.
  • What to eat and when! Take the guessing out of what you “Should be eating”!
  • Flexible menu providing food swaps and options throughout each week.
  • Ultimate Breakthrough recipes compatible with the menu.
  • 6 week Ultimate Breakthrough Cardio Routine
  • Gina’s Breakthrough Habits you must make Non-Negotiable.
  • Breakthrough Food Preparation tips and ideas that will will make the plan completely realistic!
  • Gina’s 8 favorite Seasoning Blends to spice up your life.
  • Breakthrough ways to make dining out completely doable.
  • and so much more…

You have been falling victim to diet trends and wondering why you have yet to find a diet that works for you. Maybe you lose weight but then find yourself back where you started, if not worse. The Ultimate Breakthrough Plan will help you discover your inner fire and you will see why you WILL finally be able to reach your goals. This is your breakthrough moment to change your life!

With all the success from my Ultimate Accelerated Plan, The Breakthrough Plan is meant to be an upgraded version with even MORE to help you along your journey towards discovering your true potential and doing so in a completely realistic and simple way!

The topics discussed throughout the plan will lay the foundation for your success. In ONLY 6 weeks, if you fully invest in adopting the principles and guidelines specifically laid out, your results are guaranteed. Results that are yours to keep becase you will inevitably have a breakthrough as to the things you may have been doing wrong and the things you will adopt into your life forever.

What you can expect from following Gina’s Ultimate Breakthrough Plan?

  • A complete shift in your mindset from how you think you should be “dieting” to understanding and loving life without dieting.
  • Seeing that it doesn’t take much and it sure does not take a gym.
  • Create new habits in the gym (home gym), kitchen and everyday life that will yield RESULTS!
  • Understanding the simplicity behind creative yet simple cooking.
  • LOVING what you are eating and see how realistic it can be to cook your simple yet gourmet meals.
  • Freedom from falling victim to diets that simply don’t work.
  • Structure to provide you just what you need to reach your goals in only 6 weeks! A plan you will have forever to use as your guideline to look and feel your best.
  • Increased energy and confidence that will carry over into all areas of your life.
  • A newfound LOVE for life!

So What are you waiting for?! Get started on The ULTIMATE BREAKTHROUGH PLAN Today!

Only $99.00

Check out what other people on the Ultimate Breakthrough Plan are saying…

  • I had the most incredible results on The Breakthrough Plan. The best part is never felt hungry, miserable and completely in control. I lots a total of 11.5 pounds and inches all over. My waist and hips both went down 2 1/4 inches and thighs 2 inches each. Thank you Gina, I am so happy with my results!

    ~ Tricia Boyer

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