Today we celebrate the success of Chantel Simms. Congratulations Chantel on your success on our Ultimate Breakthrough Plan. Way to refocus and get yourself back on track. Proud of you for being patient with yourself and learning how to the take control of your weekends and learn how to control your cravings with see that you can have your donuts and reach your goals!

Love that your hubby ended up loving your cooking and saw how yummy living the G-fit life on the breakthrough plan can be!

Love the huge life lessons you learned throughout the 6 weeks, CONSISTENCY is key and putting yourself FIRST will always ensure success!

Your results were amazing and excited to continue to watch your transformation. Learn more about Chantel’s journey below.


Start your Breakthrough and completely change how you see Food and “Dieting” in ONLY 6 weeks. Yes you will be eating donuts on plan ūüėČ

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