It seems like people tend to fall off track when they are on the road. Whether that be for a vacation, the holidays or a work event, there is no reason you have to let your workouts suffer while you are away. Even if you don’t have access to a gym, you can pack an exercise band and do all your workouts — my style– without a gym. I wanted to share one of my travel workouts from my Ultimate Sexy Shoulder Program to show you how you can define your shoulders while on vacation or traveling throughout the year. I always travel with exercise bands since they are so light and travel friendly and you can hit your entire body with a this simple piece of equipment. Below you will see one of my travel friendly Ultimate Sexy Shoulder workouts to keep your shoulders looking amazing no matter where you are! Hope you love this workout as much as I do!

Gina Aliotti’s Ultimate Sexy Shoulder Travel Workout

All 3 sets and 10 reps of the following exercises

1. Single Band Shoulder Press
Start by stepping on an exercise band until you have the proper tension to perform a press. Then press band over head as if you were doing a regular press but with bands.

2. Single Band Side Lateral Raise
Step with one foot on a band and extend the band out to your side until arm is parallel to the ground. Hold for 2 seconds at the top then lower and repeat movement.

3. Pike Push Ups
Form an upside down V with your body then drop down into a push up, keeping your hips up and the “v” shape the entire movement.

4. Alternating Reverse Grip Band Front Raise
Step on an exercise band until you have the proper tension to perform the front raise. With a reverse grip, perform alternating front raises going slow and steady focusing not only on the raise but on the negative of the exercise.

5. Band Bent over Rear Delt Flies (with or without handle)
Step on a band to get the proper tension to perform the exercise. Leaning forward and holding onto the end of a band, use your elbow to guide your elbow towards the sky, focusing on rear delts.

G-tip: This is a very small muscle so takes quite a bit or mind muscle connection to target the rear delts and not rhomboids. The key is keeping that elbow coming up not back.

6. Single Band Reverse Grip Front Raise
Step on an exercise band to get the proper tension. With a reverse grip, perform an alternating front raise. Be sure to completely lower one hand before raising the opposite.

You can do 3 sets and 10 sets of each exercise or perform this workout circuit style, moving from one exercise to the next, resting then repeating 2-3x

Dig Deep and Have Fun!

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