September 2nd update

3 Responses to September 2nd update

  1. elizkent says:

    Gina! You look fantastic and GLOWING. So happy for you!!

  2. Jodie Mason says:

    Your update photos are gorgeous, you are one fit mama! It must feel great to know you won’t need to worry about post baby weight, that’s the best thing about the way u live every day!!

    So cool that u are bonding with baby boy G, I can only imagine how special that must be, so excited for u!!

  3. Thank you both! Excited and loving my pregnancy. I will say, come week 20 is when I started feeling more pregnancy. Unfortunately with my injury, I have the waddle, lol. I also am starting to show now and just feeling more pregnant. Eating clean and having my fit lifestyle makes me confident in me post pregnancy journey. My body is changing as it needs to, not because of “extra” weight due to extra calories but due to what it needs to do. I have learned that as long as I continue on my journey and path, my body is only going to do what it needs to and not what it doesn’t. Such a learning experience that is for sure… more to come. Hugs

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