6 week UAP- Ultimate Accelerated Plan New & Improved!


This 6 week Accelerated Plan will blast body fat and increase lean muscle tissue in only 6 weeks with NO gym necessary. Includes a new nutritional plan each week and 36 circuit workouts to maximize results, reset your metabolism and create new habits.




Get the NEW & IMPROVED UAP. You LOVED the UAP and you will LOVE the NEW & IMPROVED that much more!

I took the feedback and requests of the layout of the Ultimate Breakthrough Plan and IMPROVED the UAP with the same look and feel. Tweaked the menu to help with substitutions and added new Circuit workouts, recipes and more…

-36 NEW UAP Circuit workouts

-NEW Recipes to keep you on track.

-NEW format with exchange list

-Changes throughout the 6-week diet plan to allow for BETTER results and even more flexibility with the menu!