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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation… Have you heard enough about this concept yet?? Hopefully not because it is an area we will continue to touch on, throughout your journey! If you didn’t prepare yesterday, today is a new day and we are moving forward. To stay on track, you must prepare. There is nothing worse than having a goal but not being prepared to go after it! The time you might feel vulnerable to stray off your program are the times you may not be prepared! When you are prepared, you don’t think otherwise and you just go with the plan! So you finally catch on to all this “preparation talk” but now, do you know what you are prepared for or where you are going? Are your bags packed but you don’t know where you are headed? You say you are on this “journey” but what is your personal journey? Do you have a vision of what it looks like and what YOU will look like when you get there? How you will feel? It is like having a big box of tools and you are ready to start working on fixing up your house. You have everything you need and are prepared to take on the project but you have no idea what your finished project is going to look like? What is your house going to look like? What color is it going to be, how is it going to look from the outside and what about the overall feel and energy of the inside? It is a similar concept, you MUST know what the big picture looks like and what your finished project is going to look like before you can take as stab at it… If you don’t have that vision, how do you know where to start and better yet, when you may fall off course, what vision do you have to keep you moving forward? If you don’t see that glamorous image and pristine project you are striving for, you can easily lose site of the end result! You have to know exactly where you are going and what your goals look like in order to get there! If you can clearly state and see what your vision is, you’re well on your way to seeing it come to life. If, as you are reading this, you really have no idea what that vision is, it is time to sit back and create that vision. It may not take only a few minutes but it may take a few days or even the rest of the year… However long it takes, you must create this vision. Your vision will motivate you and keep you fired up but more than that, seeing that vision in your head and having a clear idea will allow it to become a reality! Be specific with yourself and where you are going so you stay on track!!

Nothing worse than being prepared and having your bags packed but not knowing where you are going…

If you haven’t a clear vision of your destination, start to create it today, right now…

It is a beautiful day and a new week! With the final days of November 2010, let’s go after it…