How have your patience levels been lately? Things Do not happen over night. Let me repeat that, things DO NOT happen over night! When you can start to understand that your goals and dreams are accomplished over time, you are better off and can ease your mind! It is like trying to watch water boil. It only gets frustrating if you sit there and stare, wishing the water would boil NOW. Come on, you are hungry and want that water to start boiling so you can start your cooking… You continue to stare and just get more and more frustrated. It seems as if it is taking so long to boil!! Wouldn’t it just be easier to throw in the towel, shut down the stove and go for the bag of chips? Now if you just know that you have set up your pot properly, heat is on, lid is on… it is only a matter of time and that water will start to boil! Let go of how long it takes, just know it will, stop staring and before you know it, that water is boiling! There you go… Similar to your fitness goals or whatever goals you are after, they do not happen over night! You have to believe that you will succeed and know that you have done and or are doing what it is going to take and then it is just a matter of time!!

As long as you are doing everything you can, believe in yourself and know that with patience and time, that water will start boiling and things will start happening!
If you turn off that stove and opt for the chips, that water will never start boiling! Next time you find yourself frustrated and loosing patience, remember this analogy and remember that it is time & patience that is going to make the difference!