We have talked about shedding our vocabulary of the word “DIET”, spoke about digging deep and surpassing your limits, now another key component into your success this balanced lifestyle is Patience! Oh yes, patience. Often easier said than done but if you can master patience you can master the lifestyle you are seeking! No matter what type of goal you are after, fitness, financial, educational, etc., patience is a key component to reaching those goals.
It is amazing how many marketing strategies and false advertisements there are brainwashing society that changes and results can happen right away! Let’s just say that if this was the case, we would not be sky rocketing in our obesity numbers! People expect to see results NOW but you tell them it is going to take months, forget about it, they are on to the next gimmick OR Strategy that is going to work NOW. The problem is those people are still searching and time is passing. There is no outside gimmick or strategy. The answers are within yourself but the process does require hard work supplemented with patience.
When you start something new, of course it may be hard and a challenge you have never taken on before but being patient, persistent and sticking with your goals will lead you to success. It is always easy to give up and quit but if you just stick with it, before you know it, you are loving it! When you decide to start an exercise program or create your healthy lifestyle, set a goal and be patience as you work toward that goal. It will turn into something you love and something that you incorporate into your everyday life forever! That is when it becomes a lifestyle!
No matter where you are, in your journey, losing your patience is easy to do and giving up is even easier. Learn to trust time and yourself because the results are well worth the wait!
You’ve got this, be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey!!