Are you someone who is telling yourself that you are not happy with how you look now but you will be later, when you reach your goals!? If you are, we must address this for you to reach those goals! If you are not happy with how you look and feel at this current moment, that could be the one thing keeping you from igniting that fire within yourself to push forward and see those results you have always wanted. When all you see in yourself is negativity and things that need to be fixed or improved upon, you are hampering your progress. The first step is to OWN it. Own where you are and understand that you are seeking constant improvement upon where you currently are but not seeking to change who you are. Losing a few pounds isn’t going to be the key to making you happy. Your happiness lies within you. If you can OWN it and be happy with YOU right now, not later, creating positive thoughts in your mind, that is what will make you feel better and coincidentally allow you to progress forward, making your improvements and reaching your goals.
It is easier said than done but learning to accept yourself and love yourself for you, right now, will allow you to make the improvements you are seeking. Not because you depend on those improvements for your happiness but because you are seeking constant self -improvement as a part of life.
Consider how you feel about you right now? Are you thinking that you are not happy but you will be, later?! Evaluate how you are feeling right NOW? If something negative comes to mind, immediately stop and OWN it. Own where you are and from there, the only direction is forward, improving upon your state of mind.
If you are not happy NOW you will Not be happy LATER. If you don’t love you now, you wont suddenly love later. Happiness and love, within yourself, is a state of being and you choose that state today, no matter where you’re at in your goals.
Today, focus on loving you for you, today and not tomorrow…