When it comes to leveling up your fitness and overall health game, we have to take a look at 4 key areas- Diet, Workouts, Mindset and Supplements. Becoming the best version of you means constantly learning, growing and evolving. It means taking that deeper dive within to analyze where you can level up your game and improve the quality of these 4 areas… Some you may be mastering but there may be a few that need a bit of an upgrade. Let’s dive in…

How are the quality of your workouts? Are you focusing on that real mind muscle connection? If your workouts are the highest quality, you are able to get away with doing LESS. If you are purposeful with every rep and set, you can do less. Yes that means freeing up time in your day to do MORE. Need a refresher, grab your 3# or 5# dumbbells (yes you read that right) and checkout my Quality over Quantity Circuit and level up the quality of your workouts TODAY!

How are the quality of the foods you are putting in your body? You may think you are eating clean and “healthy” but are you? The question becomes what is the quality of the foods you are putting in your body. The closer to REAL you can get the higher the quality. When it comes to leveling up your health, taking a deeper dive into the “healthy” foods you are eating to see if there are any hidden ingredients, inflammatory seed oils, sugars or other sneaky ingredients that can work their way into our foods is a great place to start. Rather than looking at the calories, carbs and fats, look at the INGREDIENTS to see what is in the foods you are consuming. The fewer the ingredients and the closer to to the source you can get (hello farmers market) the better. If you are having any digestive issues or have been feeling “off”, it could be as simple as leveling up the quality of your foods and being more aware of what you are putting in your body.

How are the quality of your thoughts? This is a big one! You may be nailing area 1 and 2, workouts are on point and diet is fantastic but you aren’t feeding your mind with positive thoughts? Just as important as your workouts and diet, your thoughts may even take higher priority. You have to believe you can in order to commit to a workout or nutritional plan. You have to know that you have everything within YOU to take action. If you woke up today already bugged, frustrated, feeling defeated or down on yourself. it is time to STOP and level up your mental game. In the G-Fit world, mindset is the foundation of our success. The 100’s of mantras in the G-Fit App will help you level up your game and help you to cultivate this unstoppable mindset that will level up your LIFE game in a big way. Starting every day knowing your worth, potential and stepping into your power will change the trajectory of your days, mindset and therefore the choices that LEVEL up your game. If you need a mindset reset, I encourage you to browse the mantra section of the G-Fit App and start to feed your mind the real medicine!

What is the quality of the supplements you are taking? Unfortunately with the quality of our foods and the influence of many big business prioritizing yields over YOU, our foods just aren’t what they use to be. In a perfect world we would grow our own crops, graze our own cows, raise our own chickens and live sustainably but unfortunately that just isn’t very realistic. We so our best by focusing on the quality of our foods and using essential supplements to fill in the gaps.

Supplementation  is very important to cover our overall basis but also plays a role when you have certain goals or body specific needs. As you consider what supplements to take, remember a not all multi vitamins are to be treated the same. What was the source of the vitamins? Can you trace where every ingredient came from? Was it from a farm or a “pharmacy” (synthetic)? Checkout this perfect example of an apple fed synthetics vs. farm raised plants- a picture says 1,000 words…

Do your research! Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion out there but focus on the source. Focus on companies that align with your principles and integrity and have years under their belt with testimonies to prove their truth.

I was so excited to connect and chat with long time G-Fit girl Jenny Vesely and 1-year new G-FIt Rockstar Kathy Mieritz more about this area of leveling up!

After my own personal questioning of where I can LEVEL up, I knew better QUALITY supplementation was where I needed that extra TLC. I a regimented protocol and the proof has shown up in my labs, overall inflammation has gone down, WBC improved and markers for what I was being told was “Lupus” has been kicked to the curb. Looking to level up your supplement game- learn more and check out my recommendations HERE.

I encourage you to take some time to take a deeper dive into ALL areas of your health and fitness game to see where you can LEVEL up and therefore improve the quality of your results and overall health!