There is something to be said about the good ol Nike saying, “Just Do It”! Think about the last time you said “I will” or “tomorrow” or “after I…”. Excuses and procrastination, we can sum all of these up as pure laziness. When we have those moments of telling ourselves that something will get done, “later”, “eventually” or “someone else will do it”, think again! Nothing will get done unless you just get up and do it! The power of change is only within us. Relying on others just means we are taking a leave of absence and succumbing to laziness. Kind of a scary thought that we are the only ones that can actually make ourselves change but at the same time such a powerful concept.  YOU are the one in control to make the change(es) you want in your life and in yourself but you must make the efforts!

Even though putting things off may seem like they make more sense to you, at the moment, they will never pay off in the end. Laziness may give you a few extra minutes of sleep or time at home sipping your coffee but it is actually the action of “doing it” and efforts that will pay off in the end! When you find yourself coming up with excuses… Just get up and Do It!