Are you Perfect? Absolutely NOT. We all have our imperfections and things in ourselves and our lives that could use a little improvement right!? Life is not about perfection nor striving to reach perfection but rather striving for excellence and being better than you were yesterday. It is about being confident in your imperfections, owning them and accepting yourself for you! Are you confident in your imperfections?
Perfection is not Real.—Learn to accept it while striving for excellence. Excellence is an outgoing process. You get better at things with practice and, of course, the more you practice, the higher your chances are of improving yourself in whatever area you have chosen. Progress is not a steady climb and you have to be confident with who you are, with each step of the way. You get better not through planning and preparation, but through failures, setbacks and mishaps so be confident in them and who you are and enjoy the climb!
Tell yourself– I am not perfect but I am confident! Hold your head up high in confidence and love you for your imperfections and for the ability to strive for excellence!!