Patience, do you have any? Patience is a special valued virtue that not only brings about great results but sets us apart from the next. Yes, of course, we all want results and things to happen yesterday but the reality is, things take time. Are you willing to put in the time to let results follow? It can be very frustrating to work work work, physically or mentally, whatever your goal may be, but then not seeing the results you want. It is very normal to have to work on your level of patience. This is part of the process and often the hardest part of the process. We are so focused and driven to DO that it seems so not like us to NOT DO and WAIT but Patience is that “waiting process” that will allow all that “doing” to pay off. We practice patience on a daily basis from waiting in traffic to waiting in line at the grocery store. Every day you find yourself practicing this virtue, embrace it because it is something we can all perfect. As you wait in line to check out at the grocery store, use that as an example of what patience can do for you.
IMAGINE: You are in line waiting to check out with your cart full of desperately needed groceries for your week. Of course, you pick the shortest line because you want to get out of there and are in a hurry, as always. Why is it that the line you pick always tends to take the longest? The person in front of you only has a few items and that is exactly why you chose that line! Well all the items are without a price tag and they call for assistance for a price check. “Geeezzz, really!!”, you are thinking, as other lines are moving at a much quicker pace. You have a choice. You can either throw in the towel, leave your cart and go to another grocery store, chance leaving your line to go to another line OR patiently wait for your turn. You remember this post and you decide to practice your patience. Before you allow yourself to get frustrated, you simply just breath and stay put. Before you know it, the help comes back with prices, the customer checks out and it is your turn! You check out, walk out, load your car and head home. As you drive home you tell yourself, “that wasn’t so bad”! This is a perfect example of life… You try to get in the “shortest lines that are going to produce the quickest results” but it doesn’t always happen that way. Often the line you pick ends up being longer than you thought but when you sit tight and not give up, your turn comes up and you get the results you want! If give up and throw in the towel, what good is that going to do for you?
This is life! Practice your patience and your results will follow! Our greatest asset is patience; our greatest weakness is throwing in the towel. Shed feelings of discouragement and feelings of impossibility by working hard, doing more, and not giving in! Things take time otherwise we would all have our dreams and goals right now and not have to work for them! Strive to perfect your patience and see how powerful patience can be!