Good Morning… Hope everyone slept fantastic! Friday is here, yet again, the weekend brings us time to rest and recover, unless you are on the road, like several of us! So I ended up spending another 2 hours prepping my food last night and don’t think I will need to take a trip to the grocery store! Cooked up cauliflower mashed, broiled asparagus, have a full bag of green beans (I can microwave there) and a bag of organic Bell peppers. — if you read my article on buying organic, bell peppers are one of the few things that you should definitely buy organic, to avoid the pesticides…- That is on top of the bag of radishes, sliced cucumbers and jicima that I already prepared!! 😉 Needless to say, I am GOOD to go and definitely have more than less… Looks like I am headed on a week vacation, lol… You just never know and worst case, I come home with the left overs, no biggie….
All ready to go, back the clothes and I will be headed on the road around noon! Best of luck to all the ladies who have been working hard and will be stepping on stage, this weekend or next! Lots of love to everyone! Have a fabulous weekend, travel safe and here is to Healthy On the Road Traveling… No excuses!! 🙂
Thought of the day:
“The greatest day in your life is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes.”~John Maxwell
How are you going to live your day?? Did you know WE are in control of our emotions! A lot of our reactions, “perceptions”, and attitudes are based on our past experiences but YOU have the control to control how you see every situation!! Are there ways you are escaping responsibility for your actions or attitudes?? Blaming someone else or something else? This is a common way to brush things under the rug, “it isn’t me it is….. The day that we can recognize and take control of our emotions and attitude, understanding that they stem from within us, that is the day our lives make a change for the better!
Be in control, own your attitude! What is it going to be today???