Good Morning Everyone, Hope you slept well and are recharged for the day! Slept well and this bunny is supercharged and ready to take it on. Bring it Wednesday… Coffee in hand, shake and oats down the tubes and we are good to go….
So We have been talking a lot about being sre to do things for you, thinking about what YOU want and not what OTHERS want and being sure to focus on YOU as #1, as that is all you have in the end….
Think about it, how good of a friend are you to YOURSELF? Think about it, you can create the best friend you will ever have and that best friend is YOU. Are you loyal, respectful, proud of who you are? I am sure you are but give it some thought. If you Met YOU today, what would you think? We are our own best friend and often our own best cheerleaders. Remember, your values and beliefs create who you are as a person and what you see when you look into your eyes. It is more than what you superficially see in the mirror. Dig deeper into those eyes and see the person you are radiating from the inside. Think about the best friend you have always wanted and dream of, value those beliefs, make them your own and be your own best friend! Remember, you have friends because you see the good in them, not the flaws. You like them the way they are, just the way they are! You enjoy their company and root for them to be happy and do their best. Look at yourself the same way. To be a good friend to yourself, accept yourself for who you are and who you are not! Accept your blemishes, while still pushing yourself to reach your full potential. Focus today on being your own best friend! Remember if you focus on being the best you can be to you, you can then be the best friend, lover, mother, sister, etc. to others.
“Friendship with oneself is all-important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else.”~Eleanor Roosevelt
You are amazing, you are your own best friend! Just like you love others for who they are, love yourself for who you are! Look in the mirror, love, appreciate, accept and honor your true self!!
Happy Wednesday!