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We are all looking for ways to tone and tighten our tush.
As women, especially, we tend to carry an extra layer of body fat in our backside that can lead to a undesirable droopy booty. Although we can’t spot reduce, the best way to tone, tighten and lift your tush is to work it.
Check out my No Gym Necessary Tush Tightener workout that is sure to leave you sore in all the right places! The best part is, you do NOT need a gym or a single piece equipment to rock this workout!! Give it a try and let me know what you think!
Gina’s Tush Tightener Workout
Hip Thrusts:
Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. While keeping your torso on the floor, press your feet into the floor and lift your hips, squeezing your gluteus the entire time. Come up as high as you can, until your body makes a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Hold the position for about 2 seconds, squeezing your gluteus, then repeat the exercise until you have completed 15 reps.
G-Tip: At the top of the movement with hips pressed towards the sky, squeeze your glutes while sucking belly to spine to really engage the gluteus muscles.
Photo Sep 16, 11 54 57 AM
Photo Sep 16, 11 54 59 AM
Floor Butt Blaster:
Place your hands and knees on the floor, in a tabletop position. While keeping your abdominals and upper body tight, with a flexed foot, kick your heel up towards the sky, squeezing your gluteus. Hold the position at the top for about 2 seconds, really squeezing your booty. Bring your leg back to the starting position and repeat the exercise 15x then switch sides.
G-Tip: Be mindful to keep your heel flexed and imagine you are balancing weight on your foot as you drive your foot towards the sky. Keep your foot flexed and entire leg tight throughout the entire movement.
Photo Sep 16, 11 55 15 AM Photo Sep 16, 11 55 18 AM
Traditional Body weight Squat:
Stand with your feet hips-width apart, with your weight on your heels. Keep your abs tight and your shoulders squarely over your hips. Sit back and down as if you were going to sit on a bench. Keep your back straight and chest lifted throughout the entire movement. Once your in a “seated” position and thighs are parallel to the ground, stand back up with your weight in your heels back up to the starting position. Repeat exercise 15x.
G-Tip: The key is to master a body weight squat with perfect form before you add any weight or try different variations of this movement. Don’t forget to breath, inhaling as you lower and exhaling as you rise to the top.
Photo Sep 16, 11 55 28 AM Photo Sep 16, 12 08 55 PM
Stationary Lunges:
Start with one foot in front of the other in a lunge position. With your chest out and shoulders back, drop down towards the ground until your knee is a few inches off the ground. Place your weight in the heel of your front foot you as you rise back up to the starting position before repeating the exercise 15x then moving to the other leg.
G-Tip: Use a bench or wall to lightly hold onto for stability, especially as your belly gets bigger. Remember, as you dip down towards the ground, never allow your knee to go over your toe.
Photo Sep 16, 11 55 38 AM Photo Sep 16, 11 55 44 AM
Toe Taps in Low Squat Position:
Start in the seated position of a traditional body weight squat with your feet hops-width distance apart and bottom pushed back as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair. Staying in this low position, slowly shift weight to one side and tap your toe with the opposite side. Shift back and forth tapping one toe at a time until you have completed a total of 30 toe taps, 15 on each side.
G-Tip: Be sure to keep your chest lifted and back straight throughout the entire movement. It is natural to want to lean forward, especially as you get tired, but be sure to stay upright and keep good form with every toe tap! If you find yourself coming out of perfect form, take a break and repeat the exercise.
Photo Sep 16, 12 08 58 PM Photo Sep 16, 12 09 01 PM
Do these exercises with the right Nutrition Program and I can guarantee a tighter tush. You can check out my Ultimate Accelerated Plan HERE