Believe it or not, today is our final day of our No Excuse Month. Where did February Go?? Our “No excuse Month” will continue on but who will be the winner of the Quest Bars? How have you don’t this month? If you found yourself deviating from your plan or goals, did you recognize why or what the triggers were? Whether you were 110% or less than 100% on, share your story… Allow yourself to brainstorm what went wrong, how you picked yourself back up, what you could have done or what you may have learned throughout the month. We learn from each other… Post your February No Excuse month story today with a chance to win a free box of Quest Bars!
We are all in this together…. We all have similar goals, interests and are learning the ropes of how to live this lifestyle, realistically, and fight those moments of weakness or mini blunders. It is about teaching each other and coming up with ways to combat these moments to either bypass them or learn the tools to get past them. No matter what we do, we are in the power of our actions.
We are moving forward, positively, moving into a new month. Today is the last of February and even if not every day was on point with your No Excuses, be sure to commit today to this theme! Only one day, you can do it! Commit yourself to following through with smart choices, healthy meals, prepared healthy snacks, a set agenda to get in some kind of activity, avoid looking backwards and positively looking forwards to a fabulous end to February!
One day, No Excuses, Commit yourself today!! I believe in you….