You have the confidence but now take a second look, do you have ego? As mentioned, yesterday, confidence is so important and you need to walk and talk with the upmost confidence but be sure that it doesn’t cross over into having ego. Confidence is doing your best and knowing it, within your heart, without the need to publicly discuss or announce it. Confidence is something you carry within yourself and within your energy. It is something that is just understood and carries its own weight. Hold your head up high and act with confidence but allow it to shine through from just being you.
-Being confident is a top priority in life– practice daily.
-Each day feel more confident in your abilities.
-Each day find new ways to increase your confidence.
-Every challenge overcome strengthens confidence and determination.
-Every day be more confident at what you do.
-Every deep breath should fill you with more self-confidence.
-Every moment of every day be more and more confident.
-Act as though it is impossible to fail.
-Act confidently in all you do.