Abs are made in the kitchen but that doesn’t mean you don’t work them in the gym! Check out this killer ab circuit to target your abs. I suggest you train abs 2-3x/week. No need to train them more. More is not always better, especially when it comes to ab training. Most of the exercises you do indirectly work your core so 2-3x/week is plenty!

A few Ab training G-Tips:
-Train abs like you would any other body part. No need to for a crazy amount of reps. You do want to change it up so do some with less reps and some higher reps but don’t think you need to do hundreds and hundreds of reps to get abs.

-When doing ab exercises where your hands are behind your neck, be sure to pull from your core rather than using your hands to pull your neck up.

-As you perform a crunch style exercise, keep your gaze towards the sky/ceiling rather than in front of you. This will help your for. Think to crunch UP not FORWARD.

-I suggest never doing weighted oblique ab work. That can add thickness to your waistline and isn’t the point to trim the waistline? Only add weights to regular crunches to help build density but never for oblique ab work.

Give this Circuit a Try and feel the burn!

Do 15 reps of each exercise rest and repeat 2 more times 🙂 Dig Deep!

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