Your bikini body starts NOW. Don’t wait until things warm up or your dream vacation to look and feel your best in your bikini. The time is NOW. People wait until they pull out their bikini to hit the beach to realize they are not ready. Your bikini body goals begin today. Don’t you want to rock a bikini body all year long?

There is no better time to slim and trim your waistline than now. Don’t let another vacation come and go by when you tell yourself you should jumped on the fat loss train. I want you to feel your best this summer rocking your favorite bikini. If you don’t have favorite, I want you to confidently buy any bikini you want because you know you are going to look HOT in it. There is no better feeling than putting in the work and being able to reap all the benefits while you feel confident in your bikini. The time is now.

Don’t wait or come up with anymore excuses. You will have them, if you allow your body and mind to go there. Let’s stop the excuses and start shredding now. I want to share with you 7 essential moves you must add to your workouts to blast body fat and get in shape now– don’t wait!. These are exercises that will tone and tighten your entire body while burning body fat all day long. Incorporate these moves into your routine and better yet, join me for a killer bikini body circuit using all 7 exercises.

It doesn’t take much time and it sure doesn’t take a lot of equipment, or a gym, to reach your bikini goals. Start today and you will thank yourself later!

MOVEMENT 1-CARDIO: Jumping Jacks

Get that heart rate up with some jumping jacks. These are going to take you back to grade school and remind you of how efficient this simple exercise is. Especially for those that don’t have cardio equipment, they are a great way to get in that cardio burn and get your heart pumpkin. For 1 minute, go all out and let’s move your body!

MOVEMENT 2- Combo Front Raise with Side Lateral Raise

Perform a front raise with your thumbs pointing up then immediately into a side lateral raise with your palms facing down. During the side lateral raise, be sure the dumbbells don’t go any higher than parallel to the ground.

MOVEMENT 3- Banded Jump Squats

Get that heart rate up again with this killer move. Using a band adds the resistance so while you are increasing your metabolism you are toning and tightening the outer thighs, that saddle bag area that will look amazing if you master this move and do it regularly. You can always do non banded jump squats but for that killer bikini body, I recommend you add a little extra resistance.

MOVEMENT 4- Band Alternating Reverse Crossover Lunges

With the band around your lower thighs, you will stay low and perform a reverse crossover lunge, alternating from side to side. This is another great move to target the entire lower body, especially the inner and outer thighs. Feel the burn with each and every rep.

MOVEMENT 5: Side Plank Knee to Chest

This is a great move to tone and tighten the entire side body. You will feel your entire core on fire while also putting tension on your arm that holding you up in the side plank, putting your upper body to work too. Start in a side plank then bring your top elbow to your knee, engaging your abs and exhaling as you bring the two to touch. Work those obliques and remember, all for the love of the bikini. 😉

MOVEMENT 6: Lying Leg Lifts 

Grab a medicine ball or dumbbell to hold your body stable while doing this move. You will need something stable to hold on to so if you don’t have a weight of some type, you can use a person or anything that will stay planted to the ground while you perform this exercise. Lie on the ground then bring your legs up towards the sky, keeping your feet together. Slow and controlled, lower your feet back down towards the ground then back up. Be sure you don’t allow your feet to touch the ground at the bottom at the bottom of each rep.

MOVEMENT 7: Push Ups 

This magical movement is in almost every one of my circuits. It is such a great move to work your entire body. Start in the top of of plank then slowly lower down and press yourself up. Keep your core engaged and entire lower body tight.


-1 minute Jumping Jacks
-10 Combo Front Raises with Side Lateral Raise
-10 banded jump squats
-10 Alternating Band Reverse Crossover Lunges
-10 Side Plank knee to elbow, each side
-10 lying leg lifts
-10 push ups

Rest & Repeat 2x for a total of 3 rounds.

Have fun and remember, nothing will taste better than rocking your favorite bikini in confidence will so keep your eye on the prize and incorporate these moves into your workouts. Better yet, do this circuit 1x/week.