7 Day Body Blast


The Plan will get your body in FAT BURNING mode, speed up your metabolism and combat belly bloat! This is a complete 7 Day workout and training program to kickstart your goals or banish weekend or holiday damage.

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Blast Body Fat and Kick Start your Weight Loss Goals
in ONLY 7 days

Need a Jump Start, coming off a holiday weekend or getting ready for vacation?? This plan is for YOU!

Sticking to a diet program can be easier said than done, and we’ve all had times where we need to get our mind and body back on track – including myself! At the end of the day, everyone is human. Most people experience one or several setbacks in their fitness journey, and oftentimes, a little extra push is all that’s needed to keep going in the right direction!

Well, that is what the 7-Day Body Blast is for! In just seven days, we will kick-start your goals by resetting both your body and mind, move you beyond any plateaus you might be facing, and effectively replace boredom with renewed motivation!

Why do it?
Perhaps your weight loss has stagnated and you are struggling with a loss of motivation. Maybe you have a vacation or event coming up and want to look your very best in the shortest time possible, or you simply need a reset after a long weekend of eating and drinking a little more than usual.

Regardless of your reason, the 7-Day Body Blast will:

  • Kick Start Your System
  • Get You in The Fat Burning Zone
  • Speed Up Your Metabolism
  • Detox Your Whole Body
  • Reduce Belly Bloat and Puffiness
  • Get You Over Any Plateau You May Be Facing
  • Reduce Fogginess and Increase Mental Clarity
  • Reset Your Mind and Body
  • Renew Your Motivation

…all in just ONE WEEK!