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    7 Day Body Blast

    Blast Body Fat and Kick Start your Weight Loss Goals
    in ONLY 7 days

    Need a Jump Start, coming off a holiday weekend or getting ready for vacation?? This plan is for YOU!

    Sticking to a diet program can be easier said than done, and we’ve all had times where we need to get our mind and body back on track – including myself! At the end of the day, everyone is human. Most people experience one or several setbacks in their fitness journey, and oftentimes, a little extra push is all that’s needed to keep going in the right direction!

    Well, that is what the 7-Day Body Blast is for! In just seven days, we will kick-start your goals by resetting both your body and mind, move you beyond any plateaus you might be facing, and effectively replace boredom with renewed motivation!

    Why do it?
    Perhaps your weight loss has stagnated and you are struggling with a loss of motivation. Maybe you have a vacation or event coming up and want to look your very best in the shortest time possible, or you simply need a reset after a long weekend of eating and drinking a little more than usual.

    Regardless of your reason, the 7-Day Body Blast will:

    • Kick Start Your System
    • Get You in The Fat Burning Zone
    • Speed Up Your Metabolism
    • Detox Your Whole Body
    • Reduce Belly Bloat and Puffiness
    • Get You Over Any Plateau You May Be Facing
    • Reduce Fogginess and Increase Mental Clarity
    • Reset Your Mind and Body
    • Renew Your Motivation

    …all in just ONE WEEK!

    How do I know it will work for me?

    The 7-Day Body Blast will deliver dramatic results no matter where you are on your fitness journey and what your fitness level is. Not only will you see changes, you will feel incredible!

    The key word is consistency.

    The 7-Day Body Blast is strategically designed to get you back on track and yield optimal results on ONLY 7 days. It’s simple… if you follow the plan, you will see results.

    • Anyone Can Do it
    • Simple to Follow
    • Quick & Healthy Meals
    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    • Flexible Options
    • Short & Effective Workouts
    Not into spending hours in the kitchen? No worries.

    The best part about the 7-Day Body Blast plan is that it’s super simple! Each meal is gluten free and requires minimal cooking with easy step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow.

    You’ll never get bored.

    To keep things interesting, the plan offers lots of variety and a ton of tasty recipe suggestions for days when you feel like making something extra. Too tired to cook? No problem! Simply follow the basic part of the plan, and save the recipes for another day when you feel like being more creative.

    Either way, you can make the plan work for you and your busy life.

    Are you ready to kick-start your body?

    Here’s what you get in the super packed

    7-Day Body Blast Plan:
    • 7-Day Workout Plan with fat blasting exercises you can do anywhere with photo demonstrations for each workout
    • 7-Day Cardio Plan to burn calories and shred fat in no-time
    • 7-Day Meal Plan with simple and delicious foods that will reset your body and help you lose weight
    • 7-Day Oil Free Salad Dressing Recipes to make your meals extra tasty without adding extra guilt
    • 7 Pointers for Success to keep you on track beyond the 7 days
    • 7 Super Foods that will detox your system while improving your health and wellbeing
    • 7-Day Grocery List to make food shopping a total breeze
    • 7 Kitchen Essentials to simplify your food prep and life
    • 7-Day Supplement Schedule to blast fat and optimize your results
    • Gina’s Simple Signature Recipes to keep the plan fun and yummy!
    • Gina’s Personal Tips on how to prepare yourself for short and long term success
    • Gina’s Eating Out Guide to avoid diet pitfalls while still enjoying life

    Only $34.99

    Check out what others have said about The 7-Day Body Blast...

    • Omg Gina Aliotti what kinda voodoo is this??? I realize it’s just loss of bloating but come on. i am on day 3 of your 7 Day Body Blast and see such a difference!! Yipee!!!! Thank you!!

      ~ Asa Thompson

    • Here are my results from the 7 Day Body Blast. I am extremely happy with my results, thank you Gina! I would highly recommend trying this plan! Boarding my plane to paradise now. Thank you Gina!

      ~ Anna Linder

    • Hi Gina! I did your 7 day body blast and absolutely loved it! Although I don’t feel the pictures show much of a difference, the scale is down by 5lbs. I feel awesome, energetic and healthy. I am 54 years old and find it extremely difficult to even lose one pound on the scale as I do believe menopause is a killer on the waist line – so the fact that the scale moved by 5 lbs is extremely exciting!!! Your plan was very easy to follow and I never felt hungry. I am actually going to continue with this plan.  I must also state the Devotion Protein and Flex Flavors are a gift from heaven! These products truly make eating clean super easy! My goal is to get leaner and tighter and to be in the best shape of my life in my 50’s and for the rest of my life. Thank you for designing this great program and products! You and Dana are true inspirations! Love you girls!!!  Hugs and kisses!

      ~ Liz T.

    • ~ Liz T.

    • “I’m so happy with the results of your program… 7 amazing days!!!! I lost 4.4 pounds and 1.4% body fat and increase 0.9% muscle. What a perfect detox program to kick start your Ultimate Accelerated Plan or US365 or for those who just need to lose a few pounds… I just have to say that you are THE BEST!!!!!  Loved it!“

      ~ Yuliana Gomez

    • “I LOVED Gina’s 7 Day Body Burn Plan. I was feeling stuck and in a rut and this was just what I needed. When I started the plan, I immediately felt my mojo come back. I LOVED the structure of the meals and yummy recipes!  Within days, I felt more energy and overall sense of confidence. I started seeing by belly bloat go down, within days. I lost a total of 2.7 pounds in 7 days. I LOVED the plan! It was a perfect way to kick start my goals and get me back in the zone!”

      ~ Michelle James

    • “When Gina came out with her 7 Day Body Blast, I had to try it! I loved it just like all her other plans. Extremely easy to follow and all the meals are so flavorful. With the fun and yummy recipes and options, I never felt like I was being restricted.
      The cilantro lime chili burger was my favorite and such a nice treat. I loved the plan! Thank you Gina!”

      ~ Shari Brown

    • “The 7 day Body Blast was a great jump start for me.  I was in a bit of a rut and needed a little kick in the pants to get ready for a bathing suit wearing vacation.  The plan did the trick.  It was extremely easy to follow.  Unlike Gina’s other plans where there is more flexibility, this plan is meant to be followed tighter- which sounds rigid but I really liked it! It was nice to have all the thought taken out of it.  I just followed the plan and it even had the recipes right on the plan- literally no thinking required- which I appreciated.  I lost a couple of pounds, shed some excess water, and generally felt detoxified!  A great way to kick off some healthy lifestyle plans and re-invigorate me !  Loved it completely.”

      ~ Tracy Rogers

    • I started Gina’s 7 Day Body Blast at 201.4 pounds, cheated a few times (not going to lie) and still ended at 194 pounds. That is 7.4 pounds in ONLY 7 Days!! Thank you for your 7 day plan! It was just what I needed to to figure things out and get back on track!! Loved it!

      ~ Sheri Horn

    • Doing the 7 Day Body Blast and am in LOVE. I LOVE the recipes, especially the Cilantro Lime Turkey Burgers. I wanted to eat them all, seriously! If you haven’t tried this plan or this recipe, I highly recommend it. SUPER easy to follow too! Loved it!! Thank you Gina!

      ~ Andrea Nicole

    • The 7DBB is my 911 call. Down 7 1/2 pounds in 7 days with the 7DBB. LOVE IT!

      ~ Patricia Clifford

    • The 7DBB is awesome! I actually did it for 2 weeks and I didn’t feel deprived and I loved doing the cardio and resistance training along with it. I lost 9 lbs in the 2 weeks and I didn’t want to stop.  Something clicked! I I had all the resources and support, from your VIP, there at my fingertips made all the difference. I’m on it and excited to keep going! Thank you so very much, Gina.

      ~ Rosemarie Marquez

    • Yesterday was my first week completing the 7 Day Body-Blast and my starting weight was 135. After I weight 129.4. Thank you Gina for a plan that works!

      ~ Yesenia De La Rosa

    • ~ Kelly G

    • I wasn’t able to do the workouts but meal plan was on point and I am SO happy with my results in only 7 days!

      ~ Jeanette Edwards

    • ~ Lauren J.

    • ~ Mary T.

    • ~ Liz Tanis

    • ~ Amy A.

    • ~ Jenny V.

    • My first 7DBB in the books. I feel amazing! I’m eating with purpose, my joints don’t ache anymore and I am seeing REAL results. Down 2 pounds on this plan and 16 since starting the G-Fit lifestyle 2 months ago, I am so inspired!

      ~ Danielle Marilyn Fernandez

    • Down 5 pounds and feel so much lighter!

      ~ Diane Lee

    • I really feel a difference. Down 4 pounds!

      ~ Patricia H.

    • Down 4 pounds and 3.5 inches overall. Super happy with my results!

      ~ Michelle Cape

    • Loving my results in only 7 Days! Thanks Gina, love this plan!

      ~ Jeanette Edwards

    • ~ Jeanette Edwards

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