Countdown is on and with only a few more days, you can make something better of yourself and your year! Everything you do, every small action, makes a difference so don’t hold off until next year, do something today, tomorrow and the final day of 2010 to make a difference. People tend to give up on doing something, just something, because they feel like “what’s the point”, “that wont make a difference”, “I’ve lost my opportunity”, “it’s too ate”. It is never too late and every action, every step, everything you do, little or big, makes a difference. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the changes you want to make in you life. Changes happen slow and progressively but they wont happen if you don’t take action and start somewhere. Every action you take and choice you make, makes a difference. You still have plenty of time to do something for yourself or for others. You may not drop the 10 pounds you wanted to drop in 3 days but there are other things that you can still do. Pick one thing everyday and do it. 3 days left, pick 3 things you can do and do them! If you feel like maybe you didn’t accomplish everything you set out to accomplish, don’t wait until next year! Setting out 1 thing a day and 3 things until the end of the year, and seeing them through, will make you feel accomplished. Don’t wait, set a goal and see it through. There is not a better feeling than going out with a bang and it can still be done….
3 days, 3 goals… what will they be?