It’s a Fact, 100 squats a day will completely change your life! While some are searching for the perfect diet or perfect workout program, what if all it took was 100 squats a day?

Habits of Successful Squatters 

I want you to be successful with our challenge so want to share these top 5 habits you must adopt and if you do, you will be nothing less than successful with our challenge. #1. Make No Excuses! Once you commit, you commit! One of the biggest reasons people don’t see results is because they get excited, commit, and then something comes up and they fall off. There are those who watch it happen and those that make it happen. I want you to be a do’er not just an observer so please make no excuses and commit 100%.

I have made is SO easy with the 24/7 support and squat energy in our Facebook Group so you will never feel alone. Everyone has those day you don’t want to but that is when you have to DIG DEEP, put on your squat game face and get them in. Remember, it doesn’t matter how you get them in and how you want to split them up but you MUST get in your 100 every day. #2. Add them to your To Do List. I am sure you are like me and have a to do list, or two. Add your 100 squats to your list as a non-negotiable! I have made it easy to check off the days as you go. Simply download your Summer Squat Checklist HERE and as you conquer your squats, check it off your list! Your Summer squats are a non-negotiable so on your list– must get done, period! #3. Create a Routine. Every day will be different and you will split your squats up differently however, I have found that if you make it a point to do X amount of squats, at a certain time, and form that routine, it will become nothing less than a habit. Maybe you add them to your morning routine … after you brush your teeth, you drop and give me 10 squats. That is 10 less you have to do throughout the day. It will become something you just do, because it is a part of your routine. Imagine if you created the routine of

10 squats before breakfast10 squats before & after brushing your teeth20 before lunch10 before your afternoon snack15 before dinner15 before your nighttime meal10 again before & after brushing your teeth

You see how throughout the day, without even realizing it, you have gotten in your 100. Make them a part of your routine!

#4. Don’t Procrastinate. The minute you think about your squats, DO THEM. Even if it is only 5 or 10, when they are on your mind, don’t put them off. I promise, if you stick with this habit, it will be SO easy to get in your squats. You will be thinking about our Squat Challenge all day (Yes, because it’s that FUN). If you do them every time you think about our squat challenge, you will find that you crush your daily squats in no time! #5. Be Squat Social. Check in daily to our Facebook Group page or on Instagram using #gfitsquats as your commitment to yourself that you got them in! Make it a point that when you check off your day on your Squat Checklist you also checkin with your fellow squatters. Squat energy is infectious and you never know who you are inspiring. By checking in, you are motivating others to stay on their squat game. On the flip side, when you see others checking in that they got in theirs, it motivates you to get in yours! The more we can be involved and share with one another, the higher the higher everyone’s success!