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Dec 10 2012

Taking Baby Home

After giving birth, you probably can’t wait to go home with your little one and begin your life as new mother. Making plans ahead of time for baby’s homecoming will save you a lot of stress and inconvenience when you need it least. Here are some considerations to bear in mind that can help make this event a pleasant one.

Packing Ahead

In order to help the hospital and homecoming experience go as comfortably and smoothly as possible, many expectant mothers prefer to pack a bag ahead of time. This bag might contain comfortable pajamas, slippers, toiletries, a camera, and homecoming outfit for baby.

Safe Trip

It is required by law to have a properly installed car seat when it’s time to take your baby home from the hospital. A car seat designed especially for newborns is often recommended for optimal security. Because car seats are notoriously tedious to install properly, there are a number of public services that offer free professional installation. Good places to look include local police and fire departments and various child and family organizations. In certain cases where medical circumstances limit the use of a regular car seat, ones for babies with special needs are available.

Dress for the Weather

It’s surprisingly common for babies to be excessively clothed for their trip home. If the weather is agreeable, little more than a light shirt and diaper are needed. If conditions are on the cool side, a blanket will do in addition to some light clothing. If the sun is shining brightly, a hat may be appropriate. Babies’ skin is very sensitive and will burn easily from the sun. The key is comfort – a comfortable baby is a calm baby.

Learn Infant CPR

Babies and children are inquisitive and can get into all sorts of trouble that could result in the cessation of breathing. Premature babies and those with certain health issues are also at risk. Taking classes in infant and child CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) before it is needed provides a valuable skill that could help to not only save your child’s life, but perhaps someone else’s as well.

Cord Blood Banking

As medical science continues to study various diseases, it is also finding new medical treatment options. One of these treatments involves the use of stem cells, which are found abundantly in the blood of a baby’s umbilical cord. Because cord blood stem cells are already used today to help treat nearly 80 diseases, many parents decide to collect and store their baby’s cord blood, otherwise known as cord blood banking.

Furry Introductions

Do you have a beloved family pet at home but are worried how he or she will react to your new baby? It’s a fear that many expectant mothers have. If you have someone at the hospital with you whom you trust with access to your home, consider having them introduce a blanket with your baby’s smell on it before you return home. A pet that has had time to become familiar with the new scent will be less nervous.

These are just a few preparation steps that a mother can take to prepare for the life changing event of having a baby. By staying healthy and happy, a woman’s transition into motherhood will be a natural and smooth one.

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