It couldn’t be more true, “you are what you eat.” What do you want to be? A deep fried french fry, all natural raw almond picked from a beautiful tree, fresh water fish who swam in the blissful ocean?? The choice is yours! What we eat directly affects our health. If you are conscious of your eating habits and what you put in your mouth, you can literally determine the outcome of your health, how you feel and how you live your life.
As you make your food choices, ask yourself, “do I want to be this, smell like this, look like this, have the qualities of this? Don’t take this too literally but think about it… Do you want to exude the qualities of a deep fried french fry or a fresh fish that freely swims the ocean blue? Think before you bite and understand that every bite determines how you look, feel, how your skin shines and your overall health!