Things are starting to open up and we are starting to understand what our “new normal” will look like. Gyms are starting to open up but with a completely new set of rules and regulations. It seems like everywhere you go you need a handbook for what things will look like. If you are a GYM rat you are excited however it is VERY likely that through the quarantine you have found your new love for home workouts. I know that when I turned to them, I was SOLD when I realized ALL the amazing benefits beyond the physical results!

I have LOVED watching everyone explode during these times and see for themselves the benefits I have been experiencing now for over 8 years!

Here are a few of my reasons why I think you should continue to get fit at HOME.

  1. Eliminates “have to”. By working out at home, you remove the “have to” mindset and start to cultivate a lifestyle mindset. You realize you don’t “have to” go to a gym to get results. You don’t “have to” spend a ton of time to get results. You don’t “have to” get in the car to get to the gym to workout. When you remove the “have to” mindset it will help you begin to understand that exercising and living a healthy lifestyle is a part of who you are and what makes you happy!
  2. You can show up any which way! We see it all from everyone working out in their living room in PJ’s to unmatched clothes. At home, you can put on your “I don’t care” mindset and just show up, whatever that looks like! You can work out wearing what you want, you can feel free to learn movements and make mistakes without judgment – THAT alone can cultivate confidence that will keep you showing up!
  3. MORE TIME to do other things. You aren’t spending time commuting, checking into the gym, walking to machines, waiting your turn (especially now with capacity limited), chatting with a friend you haven’t seeing in months, the list goes on and on…. At home, you show up, get your workout on, and you are DONE.
  4. Cleanliness! Even before we started living in a Coronavirus world, germs have been a concern of gym-goers and gym owners. Most gyms are doing a great job right now because of strict regulations but your home is a sure place to keep things just as you like them. Less foot traffic too which helps inevitably keep your germ risk down. clean space = less chance to catch any unwanted bugs!
  5. Affordable! Once you have your basic equipment, and I mean BASIC,  your home gym can save you SO MUCH money. With the G-Fit app, you can save yourself a hefty gym membership, personal trainer fees, and nutrition guidance all in one place. Not sure how you are going to stay motivated or on track, you have your online TRIBE to support you no matter what! With the right tools and incredible community, you have EVERYTHING you need in the comfort of your home and the right app.

Download the G-Fit App and save money, time, and distraction by knowing EXACTLY how to workout, what to eat, and have an entire tribe to support you and keep you FOCUSED.

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