Glutenin and giadin- 2 proteins

wheat, barley and rye

structure and balance of foods

celiac disease body cannot process gluten, sees as invador and has an adverse reaction- causing damage in the Small Intestines.

Gluten sensitivity

-cramps, diarreah, bloat, etc.

Done right you can lose weight, increase overall gut health, decrease inflammation, increase mood and energy like the g-fit way…

GF diet Fad could be completely unhealthy


st. mood auto immunie

downsides food industry uses it as an opportunity to add other stuff while using the “gluten free” good for you


coke is glute free and fat free so is that “good for you?

FOod claim “gluten free” good for you but actually could be worse than coutner. GF can be worse than wheat.


:Gf food full of otehr things. Actually GF junk food = junk food

increase shelf life, make stick togehter, leaky gut, refinded flowers

add processed vegetable oils, omega 6 fats, increase inflamation


body cannot handle processed – cook your own food

avocado, almonds, gluten free

real whole foods, cook at home, read labels.

real food doesnt have to take a tone of time of money.

from to fork

frown on a plant vs. in a plant- quick answer

done let the food industry trick you

food industry uses emotional triggers stamped on by a big Gluten Free Stamp- don’t fall for it. Not all GF food to be created equal