I hear so many amazing things about Keto but yet I am not losing weight or getting the results people rave about, what’s up with that?

The Keto diet is an extremely low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet where the body relies on fat for energy rather than carbohydrates. When you limit the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, your body doesn’t have the energy from glycogen (stored carbohydrates) so it sends the body into ketosis where the body starts to rely on stored FAT for energy. If done right, it can definitely result in weight loss however, consistency is the name of the game. You have to consistently follow the protocol of extremely low carb, higher fat without breaking the code. If you break the code, you are NOT allowing your body to enter into ketosis and therefore not burning fat for fuel. Now, not only are you not in ketosis but you have a surplus of fat, carbs and overall calories which will ultimately lead to an increase in body fat. Not what you were expecting right!?

The bottom line, if you are doing keto, just like anything, are you REALLY doing keto or your own version of it?

Let’s get more into this…

CRAVINGS: While you may think you’ve got this keto thing down, what happens when you get those cravings- are you going for the non-keto foods you may be craving? If you are hot on Keto but then indulging on those BLT’s (bites, licks, tastes) of the non-keto foods, you are setting yourself up for messing with the keto magic. Even if you are munching on keto snacks, they are HIGHER in fat which will ultimately increase overall calories (1 gram of fat = 9 calories vs. 4 calories from a gram of carbs). Surplus of calories = Surplus of body fat period.

Here is the BIGGEST issue with Keto and why I am not a fan- The keto diet cuts out an entire food group – carbs- which makes it pretty hard, if not impossible to stick with. Maybe if you are a man who just eats to survive, you would be okay with this diet (hello my husband) however if you are like me and and love yourself some good carbs and also LOVE to eat, cutting out carbs simply isn’t the best thing for us. Carbs have their purpose, it is just eating the right ones and in a strategic way… (hello carb cycling). Carbs are our bodies main source of energy and the macro our bodies prefer to use for energy.

When I think of keto, I think, “sure I can do that for a short while”. We can do anything for a short bit but the question becomes, “is this something I can stick to for life”? When you ask yourself that question, you will have your answer if keto (or any “diet”) is best for you. I am always after what we are able to do for life. A diet should not be a short term thing, a diet should be a forever. When we find our forever, we are able to stick to it day in and day out. There lies the magic! When you can commit to something that doesn’t restrict you from the foods you love- that is when you can confidently stop dieting and start LIVING the life you deserve to be living!!

When people jump on a diet that is not a lifestyle and more restrictive, such as the keto diet, they don’t actually follow it in its entirety. The issue here becomes if you aren’t following it, how can it work? The problem is if YOU aren’t following it, you can’t blame the diet. You just haven’t found the right “diet” for you.

KETO will work, if it works for you however most people aren’t able to actually follow it because it isn’t realistic. So if you’re following a keto diet but find yourself cheating here and there, you are not allowing your body to go into a true state of ketosis. THIS is EXACTLY why you are not seeing the results you expected.

METABOLISM: Another factor that may be contributing to your keto stall out is your metabolism. When we cut out carbs we can dramatically affect our metabolism in a negative way causing it to slow down. When it slows down, our fat loss slows down too. It is hard to get it revved up again without the spike in carbs- which you will not get from a keto diet. This could be another reason you are holding onto weight even though you are following a keto diet.

HELLO PROTEIN: Protein is definitely a part of the keto diet however it is said to recommend moderate protein amounts, making Fat the priority and KING of this diet. If you are following an exercise program that requires building back the breakdown of muscles that occurs from exercise (which is most)- you may not be providing your muscles the necessary protein to allow for this build back. This can cause muscle breakdown (catabolism) vs. increase in muscle mass (anabolism). Without the necessary amounts of protein, you could be doing yourself a huge disservice. With a keto diet, you may NOT be giving yourself enough protein to increase muscle, which increases metabolism and leads to a decrease in body fat …

If you are a sedentary individual, this may not be an issue for you however if you are reading this, I am assuming you are someone who understands the importance of exercise and replenishing your muscles from breaking down. I could go on and on about why keto may not be working for you but the bottom line is cutting out ONE macronutrient may not be the best way to reach your ultimate weight loss goals.
It is important for MANY reasons to incorporate ALL macros, carbs, proteins and fats into your diet. The key is not in the elimination, it is in the quality and ways you are doing so. There is a way to incorporate ALL macros into your menu and finally turn your dieting into a lifestyle friendly approach. Rather than cutting carbs, it is a matter of adding the right carbs into your diet- complex carbs and VEGGIES for the win!
MARVELOUS MARKETING. Many people who follow the keto, among other diets, are quick to read a well marketed “keto” product and assume, “perfect, it is keto, I can have it”. While this may be the case, it may not be the highest QUALITY ingredients. This can cause major gut and digestive issues that can easily lead to weight gain and overall bloat, discomfort and inflammation. There are different ways to do keto and if you are new to the diet, you may be overlooking the ingredients and getting fooled by pretty packaging.
No matter what diet you are following, become really label savvy, not ONLY looking at the macros but what is IN the products. Just because something has a pretty package and has been approved “keto”, don’t assume it is good for you or your gut.
I hope this helps you to understand why maybe keto isn’t working for you or maybe open your eyes to why low carb diets, in general may not be for you. In my YEARS of experience and testimonials, I have found the best diet is a well balanced carb cycling diet that never counts a calorie or removes a macro-nutrient.
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