Every day, every weekend and every season, there are things to be learned. Life is all about learning experiences. One step and one decision lands to the next. Each choice teaches us a lesson and allows us to become more of who we are. Our thoughts eventually turn into our habits, which determine where our lives go. Put your choices in the hands of your own and allow those choices to lead you into a better day. No matter what those choices were, they were you own to accept and grow from.
Coming off a weekend, what choices did you make? What did you learn from those decisions? For several of us, weekends bring about a time where suddenly healthy decisions are harder than those during the week. You may be on a roll, during the week and then the weekend comes and suddenly choices become daunting and harder than ever. Bypassing the chips and dip at a local football party isn’t as easy as it normally is at your work luncheon. Maybe you were strong and your decisions came easy. Maybe you had a bit of a challenging time making healthy decisions, when you attended that football party. No matter what may have come up or what decisions were made, take a moment to recognize, absorb and accept them. What did you learn or what could you have done differently? Maybe you made really good choices, recognize those as well and pat yourself on the back for a weekend well done! NO matter what your situation was, today is a new day, this is a new week and we are coming up on a new season so let’s make it count. Living and learning each day and becoming a stronger more powerful version of ourselves!
Jump back on our wagon because we are headed to big places! All Aboard….