Good Morning! What a busy, eventful and memorable past few days. SO much life, excitement and pondering to be had! What an absolute amazing experience to witness such an event. Seeing and having the tears of joy of a new precious baby was a life changing experience. It makes you realize how special life is and how such small things in life, literally, are what life is all about! As you go on with your day and this month comes to an end, take a moment to appreciate those moments that you may so often take for granted.
Everyone has the ability to make a difference in your life. We all have it in us. Even an 7 lb baby with nothing more to say than a quite cry can make a difference in your world. Rather than thinking that you are “not enough” or “don’t have anything to offer”, think again and realize that We all have a hidden ability to contribute to one another. Big or small, professional or not, mother or not, we ALL have something to offer someone. A few small cries from a baby or a few words of encouragement from someone can change a world. Everyday there are people that change our world and put things in perspective. Whether you know it or not a small action or word is all it takes. On June 27th, an innocent, 7 pound baby may never know it but he contributed and made a difference in my world! We all have it in us to make a difference!