Looking at your back on your journey, are you one to take on challenges head on or look for an easy way out? When you have goals and a mission, there are always going to be bumps in the road. You have two choices, to take on the bump “come on bump, give it to me, you will not get in my way” or deviate and go around the bump, “no worries bump, you are there and I will simply walk around you”. You have the choice to take something on or pretend it doesn’t exist. You see the difference. If you take on a challenge, you grow and learn how to move past it. What tools and steps to take to take it on and never let it get in your way again. If you decide to move around the obstacle, untouched, you are simply temporarily avoiding a situation that is indefinitely going to reoccur.
Avoiding a situation may seem like the “better” and “easier” way to go but it will only set you back, in the long run. By moving around the obstacle, you are only hurting yourself in the end. By taking something on, tackling it head on, you are knocking it down and barring it down and putting it to bed, for good!
If something in your life or your journey seems too big or challenging to take on, remember, you will thank yourself later and you absolutely have the power within you to go to battle and overcome whatever it may be! You have two choices and the choice is yours. Do you want to take the easier choice but face the challenge again, or take on the harder of the two but ensure it you take it to the ground.