“If the first thing to do when you wake up in the morning is eat a live frog, nothing worse can happen for the rest of the day!” No matter what your day consists of or what tasks you have at hand, there are always those things that we dread doing or seem to sit at the bottom of our “to do list”. Those things are the things we tend to procrastinate on and allow to take over our mind. It is only natural and our desire to postpone or try to get out of this “dreadful” task but in reality postponing something does not make it disappear but rather just haunts us, drains our energy and can cause conscious or subconscious stress! That “dreded” task is your “frog”. I encourage you to change up your routine by freeing up your day by starting with “eating your frog”. If you start by checking off that one “daunting” task from your list, you have the rest of the day to enjoy stress free and without procrastination. Rather than continuing to put something off and think about having to do it all day, just do it and get it out of the way! Go ahead wake up, eat your frog and then tell me how your day unfolds!