When you pick up your fork or spoon, what does your conscious tell you? Does it tell you, “fantastic choice”, or does it tall you “Do you really think you should be eating that?” Today before you dig into something, dig into your conscious and discover what it is trying to tell you! In every choice you make, there are decisions to be made. Do you want to make a decision that will make you feel good or one that may leave a trace of guilt? If you pick a feel good choice, within that choice are two choices… Good or Great. Good is a fantastic choice but Great is that much better. Good would mean you are going for Grilled Salmon dish vs. Pasta dish but Great means you eat your salmon with brown rice vs. the white rice that is comes with. Rather than feeling guilty, think about your decisions before you make them and before you choose, ask yourself, do I want Good or Great?! A good choice will leave you feeling good and a great choice will leave you feeling Great! Which do you prefer and how do you want to feel? When you plan your day, make sure it agrees with the healthy direction you want to head. The choice is yours. Be conscious of your decisions and you are headed in the direction of your dreams!