The power of visualizing your goals!

The power of visualizing your goals!

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  1. Karina says:

    I have to admit that many things have come into my life due to the power of visalization. I asked for them and slowly they came showing up. That said, the moment that you get stressed and forget about this valuable practice things stop. Not for the worse but let yourself being in a some sort of Limbo. It is really great you add this blog for us to remember that not only training at the GYM is what it takes to succeed. I totally agree by the set and numbers part. I was about to finish a number or sets either I could do more or less I. Now, I focus in my form, push the muscle, sqeeeeeze to the max and sometimes I do two or three less or two or three more because my body and mind are allowing me to do it. I feel the crunch and I feel I get more out of it. Such an important point and since I have been training under your wing I have noticed even more. My body is changing to the shape I want and even before always worked hard! Now, I work even harder because my focus is in what I can do better to reshape my body to achieve my dream body.
    Thankful to you G! Because even with this short period of transition that we have done so far I am extremely happy and I just cant wait what the final results will be when I do my show. My original visualization! The photo of that mag! 😉 That shape! And I will get there! :-)))


    I totally agree with Karina, when you loose focus you do end up in limbo…You know what you want/need but you are not putting the visualization effort into it.
    Just this past Monday I remade my visualization board. I haven’t had one up in about a yr. Put it up right next to my bed so it was the 1st and last thing I would see everyday 🙂
    In regards to the training I have seen so much more change and real results in my body sense I got off the “I have to do x-amount of sets with x-amount of weight.) Now I listen to my body and do what feels right! I feel stronger and more in control when I do it “my” way…
    Every self help book is basically another form of “visualization” re-named. I have a hard time staying focused (may be slight ADD) I usually take on more then I should, Im am trying to re-teach myself that less is more and that I don’t have to do everything ALL at once…

    Yoga has been a really big help in that! I love the way it makes me feel, the breath you can push into areas of your body to make them feel alive. The teaching of it, the way the instructors help you to focus and let things go… I highly recommend it!!

    Hope everyone has an amazing day.

  3. Thank you so much for this powerful post Gina! I have just started using this technique and the initial results have been amazing. I can’t wait to see what can happen once I can fully relax and REALLY be able to quiet my mind. That IS HARD!!!! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!

    I am visualizing my pro-card worthy body on that stage at Team Universe in July. I am seeing them put me in the middle spot for comparisons. I am seeing that trophy. I am feeling all of the good that this hard work & training is doing inside of my body. I am visualizing the best lookin back side anyone has ever seen. lol Oh, wait… already have that title 😛

    xo eryn

  4. Gina says:

    Karina, You are so right on. I am right there with you and that is why I am such a firm believer!! It has changed my life! You are absolutely right, the moment you get stressed and forget about this valuable practice things do come to a halt very quickly! Amazing to know when things work. It is all about LIFE beyond the gym but the work we put in the gym is what determines our life outside! I have a very well rounded approach and have seen how ALL aspects play a role so that is why I want to help and share with everyone ways to improve, tools and strategies to help us in every area!! We are on to something ladies! 🙂

    I am so glad to hear you are focusing on form, muscle connection (feeling the squeeze) and going with your body and mind! You do get SO MUCH more out of it. People use to see me training and ask me about my lack of weights and wouldn’t get it but now I think they are seeing that there is something to it!!! You get SO MUCH out of it! Half the people who are pushing crazy weights are getting far less because their mind isn’t in it… We are about sculpting and not just building! I am so happy to hear that your body is changing shape and YES you are well on your way to that “dream body!”

    I am so proud of you and you are so welcome! You are using the tools and more than that really shifting your old theories and philosophies, allowing yourself to see what else is out there for you to grow and make improvements. Allowing yourself to try something new and be open to change is huge and the first step! 🙂 You ARE getting there!!

    Jess– You are on our page… Jess has been working with me and knows my take, approach and ways. Jess, as seen in our circuit videos, has undergone my internship and will be a trainer for the site as well! I am so proud of you Jess for everything you have accomplished! 🙂 You are an inspiration to all!

    Can we see pics of your vision board! that is awesome that you put it up and now see it everyday! Now just make room for the changes to come your way!! 🙂

    It is all about doing things “your way” so much more fun and hey, if you are seeing results it is a WIN WIN! 🙂

    Less is more and that is something we all have to remind ourselves of. We are WOMEN, we like to multi-task, we think we can do it all and not only all but all at once but we are not superwoman!! I had to come to those terms! All in time, you would be surprised of what you can accomplish when you focus all your attention on one thing at a time!! You get so much more done and in so much less time!! 🙂 Easier said than done, for sure but it is a constant journey! 🙂

    Jess, Yoga has been a really big help to me too!! I love the way it makes me feel also and it is amazing how with the breath the level of deepness we can take our mind and bodies! Learn to Let things go, such a valuable tool!!!

    Eryn, The tools of relaxation and breathing will allow you to quiet your mind. It is so much easier said than done and is one of the biggest challenges we face but it can be done with consistent attention and work! With our daily lives, it is so normal to be going 250mph and doing a million things at once so we have to learn to multi-task.. practicing this relax and less is more approach seems to go against everything we learn and or do but if you just give it a try, you will see how valuable it is. Takes some serious practice, patience but it can be done…

    Glad you are visualizing that Card and the best you yet! You will get it.. why… because you see it and know what you are going after! We all can’t wait to see you do your thing and be the best YOU yet! xo

    oh yes and Eryn, you are too funny… the title is up for grabs!! 🙂

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