The Post Contest Not SO Blues

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  1. Kerrid says:

    GREAT article Gina! Its funny that you post this now because I was just discussing this with my diet coach last weekend. I expressed my concern for my post comp diet and she said that she would give me a 6-8 week diet plan. And she said the exact same thing that you wrote about! She explained to me that if I could stick to a clean diet and good workout regime I could make so many gains in my lean muscle mass because my muscles are starving for nutrients. She will slowing be putting a bit of fruit, red meat and protein powder back into my diet. Now I am excited for my post comp diet. I was getting worried about what was going to happen afterwards but now I am feeling much better! Thank you!

  2. Gina says:

    Kerri!! So funny how things just seem to happen at just the right time. I am glad that your diet coach and I are on the same page and that you just had this discussion! I am sure now that you have heard it time again from two different people, it hit home a little bit deeper and clearer! I totally understand your concern for your post contest but the fact that you are thinking about it and aware of it, is huge and then the fact that you have the support team, to help you, is even bigger! You are going to be just fine!! Just as your coach mentioned and I wrote, Your muscles are starving for nutrients and will eat everything up the second they has the nutrients available to them! The addition of a variety of clean foods that may be limited now, such as fruits, red meat, etc are perfect! It is all similar stuff to what you eat now just adding in the healthy things that are banned, this close to a show and of course more of everything! It is when you go from clean to NOT clean and tons of cardio to NO cardio when you can get into trouble but sounds like this is not going to be your issue!! You are on the right path and have nothing to worry about! Easing off prep and into lifestyle with moderate additions is key. I am excited for you and proud of you for changing your outlook! You should be excited. People get so scared to enter the “off season” or off time but in reality, your “off season” is your on season! You make all your improvements are full of energy, have flexibility and the sky is the limit!!

    I am excited for your continued journey! Keep up the great work Kerri!!

  3. ginger says:

    Excellent article, very informative

  4. Gina says:

    Glad you read this Ginger! This is key to completing a show and entering into reality… 🙂

  5. Jodie Mason says:

    Gina this makes me so excited for my offseason or improvement season is probably more accurate! As a person who used to binge and reading the hoards of post contest disaster stories on Facebook there had been a niggling in the back of my mind but you are exactly right it’s all about shifting your focus and setting your plan to suit your goals. The comp plan I am on now is something I feel like I could do forever and I have the amazing LBP (and you!) so I am confident that I will continue to improve regardless of a looming show date.

    Loved this post!!

    • Jodie! I am so glad you read this and are already planning ahead. Planning will allow yoru transition to be smoother than ever. You have also been on a very balanced plan so you will have NO problem at all, I am confident of that! Usually the “blues” comes from extremes and deprivation and that is not your plan! You really do have to see it as an opportunity to grow, improve and enjoy life! You have come so far! It is all about shifting that mindset and ensuring you always have those goals to look forward to and keep you on track. Goals, whatever they may be (contest, holidays, an event, etc.) You are on a lifestyle plan and hence the name, it is something you will be on forever!! Just adding in a few extra date nights and you will be one happy camper! Glad you read and liked this post! xo

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