Do you make you a priority or do you tend to put yourself last?


Most likely, the latter is your answer. It’s so common to put yourself last thinking if I put myself first, that is being selfish…

This week I want you to consider this powerful mantra- all about making you a priority FIRST.

Before you do anything else, you must make you #1. Feeling a little frustrated with your lack of motivation or like you are back to not making yourself a priority… remember the ONLY way to get back on is to just make you #1.

With the holidays approaching quickly, I know how easy it is to be pulled in a million different direction and find it harder to commit to you but remember… doing YOU (first) is the most SELFLESS thing you can do. If you found yourself giving up a little bit of that non-negotiable you time, it is okay, it is time to turn it around TODAY.

It is so common to think you have to give first and how “selfish” to put yourself first but really it is the BEST thing and will only make you that much of a better wife, friend, co-worker, etc.

This philosophy works and is a fact, not just a “Gina thought” its pure TRUTH. The days I give to others first, I am the least productive and just carry a chip on my shoulder, however the days I stay true to what I know to be true- giving myself the ME TIME first, my entire day and mood is affected!

I cannot stress this enough because it is something we all face. We can get opinions from others or negative pull back because people simply just don’t get it and that is OKAY!

I cannot emphasize enough that when you put yourself first, you are that much more there for those around you and therefore the least selfish you can be!

There is a reason why, we are trained that during times of emergencies we are to put on our air mask on first before we help those around us.

You are being the most SELFLESS person by giving to you first! Give yourself permission to accept this and make you #1.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, remember that!

Have a great week everyone and remember YOU FIRST.

xo Gina