The Juggle is Real! Juggling motherhood, entrepreneurship and workouts is no joke but it can be done, if you are willing to do whatever it takes…

No gym circuit workouts have saved my fitness and sanity, After 6 years of working out at home, I have proven to myself something I didn’t know was possible, YES you CAN maintain your fitness goals while juggling life! Here are ways I have made this possible …

Let them Join the Fun

I have made it a point to include my kids into my workouts. Not only does it allow me to get in that non-negotiable me time but teaches them the importance of daily exercise. I also firmly believe more in leading by example and see how much it does pay off when they ask me when we can go and do a “5 minute workout”. People let kids be an excuses why they can’t get in their workout but making it a team effort, makes for a no excuse win-win.

Have a Plan A, B, and C

Life with kids is unpredictable, to say the least. If I miss my usual “me time”, because something comes up with them, I refer to plan B. If plan B fails, I have plan C, D, E as many as needed to get the job done. Whether it be working out at an off time or trying something new, if it is important enough to you, you can make it happen and break a sweat anywhere and anytime. If all else fails, I can always refer to my 100 squat challenge and drop and get in 100 squats to call it another successful win of a day. Before kids and having such a packed schedule, it was easier to have a solid plan but now, learning to be flexible has been HUGE to maintaining my fitness.

Know Your WHY.

Knowing your why helps you to keep showing up. There are days I am tired and lack motivation but when I refer to my WHY, it keeps me accountable. When you are solid in your why and your purpose, it is harder to get distracted from your goals. If you take the time to dig within yourself to understand what sets your soul on fire, it is so much easier to not let the daily to-do’s get in the way of you and your workouts.

Schedule YOU in

Before you go to bed, come up with your Plan A, B, and C of when you are going to get in your workout. The plan can change, as mentioned, but having a “perfect plan” in mind, can help you to navigate your day. Often times, play A will workout but when it doubt, you have plan B and C. Penciling in your plan, just like you would a meeting with a boss makes it more of a “MUST do” than  “Should Do”. When you start to see your you time just as important, or more important, as your job obligations, everything changes.

Change It Up

When I became pregnant with my first, I took up swimming. I needed to find a way to reduce the impact while still being able to push myself the way I like. It was a huge change from my usual cardio however has continued to be a huge part of my workouts today. Rather than seeing reasons why you can’t do something, find the opportunities that lie in every obstacle and opportunity. You may have to change it up and practice your flexibility bone a bit more but not only will your body love the change, you may find a hidden joy in something you never knew if you wouldn’t have tried. In order for us to experience mental and physical growth, we must change it up.

Embrace the Chaos

As hard as it can be, at times, to function among the craziness of having multiple jobs or even just crazy kids running around being kids, it is so much easier to embrace your situation than try to change it. As a type A person who likes to keep a clean, orderly, structured home, I realized quickly that the sooner I can learn to embrace the chaos, and my current life situation, the easier it was to let go of things that don’t matter. It is easy to let chaos get in the way of your workouts but when you learn to let go of a sparkly kitchen to get in your workout, your excuses get washed away.

As you get after your goals this year, I hope you find the ways to ignite your fire and make you non-negotiable. If you want it bad enough and are willing to do whatever it takes, you can always find a way!

I am here to help guide you along your journey! Commit to making you a priority and turning all your 2018 excuses into possibilities this year!

Here is to the BEST YOU this year!

xo Gina

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