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The Squat: The Most Powerful Exercise

The Squat: Variations of this Powerful Exercise Nice round, firm, toned glutes, we all want them right!? The gluteals — your butt muscles — are the largest and strongest muscles in the body. Their function is hip extension, or driving the upper legs backward. It is...

Gina Aliotti’s Summer Squat Challenge

100 Squats a Day Every Day of Summer, You IN???? 100 Squats a day, any variation and however many at a time as long as you complete 100 squats a day. Even if all you can do is 100 squats Coupled with a clean diet, my UAP is perfect, you will see incredible results. I...

Pulse Squats

Pulse Squats   Pulse Squats are an excellent way to take your squats to another level! Once you master the squat, it is a great way to challenge yourself with a more advanced movement! What I love about pulse squats is you can get the most amazing lower body burn and...