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  • Carbs and Carb Cycling

    Are you experiencing a fitness “plateau”? First of all, I do not believe in plateau’s but rather believe that plateau’s are due to a lack of consistent change in your…

  • Change to Change

    Change, Change is necessary for growth and personal, professional and emotional progress. Some people feel as if they are powerless or not in control of change but so often we…

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  • Change is upon us

    With the New Year approaching quickly, I thought it was appropriate to discuss change. Life is all about natural changes. It is imperative that we don’t resist them because they…

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  • How well flexible are you to change?

    With day light savings time upon us, several of us had to switch our clocks back, gaining an extra hour of sleep and losing daylight hours. With this change of…

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  • Desire to change?

    Do you have a desire to do something different than what you are doing? If so, are you taking appropriate steps towards to make the change? Often people dream and…

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  • Setting a plan and being flexible

    Being successful takes hard work, time, overcoming obstacles and dedication to achieve your goals— you can say that again!! It doesn’t happen over night–darn it!! Unfortunately it doesn’t just fall…

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  • Positive Habits to add into your life

    I spoke about Habits the other day and how we are in control and in charge of the decisions we make that form habits! As we continue to shed habits…

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  • You have the power to change

    “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”~Andy Warhol

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  • Change your approach from the inside out

    We all know people who just like to complain. It seems that no matter how good they have it, they’re always spreading negative energy. Are you one who finds fault…

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