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  • AB Myths you need to Stop Believing Now.

    Myth 1: You Can Spot Reduce Your Abs Just like you can’t spot reduce your arms or legs, you can’t do crunches all day long to get better abs. Working…

  • Abs & Core Muffin Top Crusher

    Muffin Top Crusher 10 Forearm Knee to elbow, each side 10 Leg extension knee to elbow, each side 10 Forearm plank hip taps 4 forearm up downs superset with 4…

  • 5 Minute G-Fit Abs Circuit

    While some core exercises are great for targeting your obliques or lower abs, this quickie routine hits those muscles…and more. This five-minute routine leaves no abs muscle behind. Your core will be shaking by the end, but…

  • 5 Minute Abs

    Bonus 5 minute Ab Circuit Add this to your 100 squats today and make your booty and abs scream. Let’s do this! Join the VIP for daily bonus challenges &…

  • The Recipe for Abs

        Check out one of my favorite HIIT Ab Circuits For more Fat Blasting home workouts Become a VIP HERE.       

  • G-Fit Ab Circuit

    Abs are made in the kitchen but that doesn’t mean you don’t work them in the gym! Check out this killer ab circuit to target your abs. I suggest you…

  • How to get Abs

    Abs, we all have them but how do we see them? It is all about shredding that belly fat to reveal your beautiful toned abs! You can workout all day…

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  • Ab Blaster

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  • 3 Variations of the Flutter Kick

    Top 2 are hitting those abs and bottom one your glutes and hamstrings, Give these a try!

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  • Tempo Flutter Kicks & Kick Ups

    A little afternoon abs just because… Get it in however you can, even if that means splitting it up throughout the day!! Off bench tempo flutters superset with kick ups

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