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The food industry is Sneaky! Sugar is in so many foods that you may not even know! Of course, soda, cake and candy but what about “healthy” foods you consume on a daily basis?

Top 6 items where you may not know sugar existed–READ LABELS!

1. Almond Milk/Rice Milk/Coconut Milk–

G-Tip: Get Unsweetened variations! Read Labels and be sure the label reads “unsweetened”. This could be the difference in 15 grams of sugar!!

Solution: Add a Flex Flavor to your unsweetened milk to get all the flavor with ZERO Sugar!

2. Peanut butter: In conventional brands the second ingredient is sugar.

G-Tip: Get Nut butters with where there are one or two ingredients, peanut butter and possibly added sea salt. The latest trend is flavored nut butters. Be careful these add a ton of extra sugar!

Solution: Use natural nut butters and add a Flex Flavor to make your own flavored nut butter with ZERO sugar!

3. Tomato sauce: Often Sugar is found in among the first few ingredients.

G-Ti:p: Read labels and ensure there is no sugar listed.

4. Salad dressing: Organic or non Organic, Sugar is a sneaky ingredient in most salad dressings!

G-Tip: Make your own dressing with a base of oil and add whatever you like: vinegar, lemon, lime, mustard, horseradish, herbs, etc.

Solution: Craving a Raspberry, Blueberry or lemon, Vinaigrette, make your own by adding a Blueberry Sky, Razzmatazz or Lemon Meringue Flex Flavor to your dressing and enjoy with ZERO sugar!

5. Granola: Not the “healthy snack” you thought. Most often loaded with sugar.

G-Tip: Better off Making your own!!

Solution: Here is a simple yet delicious, guilt free LOW Sugar Granola. Get Recipe HERE.

6. Yogurt: Flavored yogurts can have more sugar in them then a bottle of soda.

G-Tip: Read labels and ensure you are eating “unsweetened” variations.

Solution” Add a Flex Flavor to any unsweetened variation and enjoy all the flavor but with ZERO added sugar! Perfect!!

A little here, a little there, sugar sure adds up! And that is why Flex Flavors were created! Sugar Free Stevia Packs so you can add flavor to your food with ZERO Sugar! Talk about an easy, FUN and YUMMY way to finally reach your goals!! Add them to your coffee, protein shakes, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, tea, milk, nut butters, egg whites, salad dressings…,  or just about anything that needs some excellent flavor without the sugar, calories or guilt!! The possibilities are endless!

FREE Shipping on Samplers so you can try them all and see for yourself how amazing they truly are!

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