Day in and day out, it is the small steps that lead us towards our goals. Consistency, a goal, once single focus and before you know it small steps have lead you towards success and personal achievement! You have the choice to create and choose the life you want but you have to be willing to understand what it is you want, set up your goals (big and mini), and take action, one step at a time, to get there. This weekend, our committed member, Michelle Milgazo, proved just this! Regardless of what situation may have come up or what holiday may have passed, Michelle, a beautiful mother of two, set her mind on a goal, stayed focused, dug deep, took the daily steps it took to get there, and it surely paid off! Congratulations Michelle on such an amazing journey and for all your success!
January 29th, Michelle Milgazo won class A and the Overall Title at the LA Fit Expo. We are so proud of you!! –PHOTOS TO COME SOON–