Q: Gina! You look amazing, wow! Such an inspiration. So I finally had it with excuses, being tired, too hot, two little ones, messy house, moving, knee surgery, you get the picture. Today I listed for myself what I was “tired” of, then below it I listed a solid workout circuit. I am SO glad I saw your picture with your baby in the baby stroller this morning. Funny, I took my two out in the dually stroller this morning for the first time in a long time. I guess there was a shift. I thought, if my girls were old enough to understand what a role model is, would I feel good about what they see? I answered no. I’m sure I am being a little hard on myself but I do feel tired all the time and I am literally tired of it. So today I started! With that being said, I know you mentioned that you really focus and are consistent with your clean eating. Now that I have a family I have more than just myself to cook for and so I want to learn more about cooking healthy for families and preparing meals/snacks that toddlers will eat! Do you have any cookbook ideas or suggestions? I feel that to get started I need a guide to keep me on track. I’m thinking that I will really need to dedicate and educate myself! For example, I know freezing things will really help since I do not have all kinds of time to prepare every meal.
Thank you again for being a mom that other moms can look up to. It sure isn’t easy! I look forward to hearing from you when you have a chance. Thanks, Gina!
Great to hear from you and thank you thank you for your kind words!!! Sounds like you just woke up and decided to GO FOR IT and No more excuses!! You go girl!! I am so happy you took advantage of those amazing wheels and got out with your dually! That is what I do and it is a win win… I get mine in and David LOVES being outside. It is an automatic calmer! Sometimes it just takes time and the “shift” happens when we are ready! The best thing we can do is be an example and the role model for our little ones. Taking care of you is SELFLESS and the more taken care of you are the more they are! It is so easy, as moms, to put ourselves last but in reality nobody benefits from this! Way to pick a day and get started! Way to take control of YOU! With consistency outside and in the Kitchen, that is what it is all about. You can literally make for your kiddos what you make for you. Clean eating again is a win win- benefits you and trains them the right way of living/eating… I have a cookbook that is FREE when you sign up for my newsletter. Sign up on my homepage at www.ginaaliotti.com.
Hopefully that will help you. I also have recipes in my blog, that should help stimulate ideas too! I hope that helps and you are able to find some more motivation to stay on track! Freezing things and cooking in bulk so you always have things for the next day, next meal is KEY. Thank you for sharing and staying in touch! Us moms have to stay together Keep me posted and stay in your groove and taking some time every day to focus on YOU! Big hugs, Gina