There has been chatter, in the forum, about one losing motivation and how to get it back. This is a common question and one that is unique to each individual. First of all, we can start by saying that this feeling is common and if you are experiencing it, You are NOT alone! There are so many people in your shoes and experiencing the lack of motivation or the desire to gain back that inner fire. It is super frustrating when you had it, you were on a roll but then all the sudden it escapes you. What do you do? Start by focusing your attention on discovering what it is you want, YOU as the key word. Once you have your vision, your dream, you need to set a goal that resonates with that vision but be sure that it is a single vision, not 2 or 3 or 4. You can have as many dreams as you want but focusing on one at a time is going to help you get back on track.
It is important to really be as specific as possible about your goal. Write out your goals and formulate an extremely detailed plan about how you are going to achieve this goal. I would bet that the time in your life when you had that intense motivation it was a time when you were focused on a goal, knew where you were going and how to get there. When you feel lost, just start somewhere. Remember, baby steps are important and each step will help you get back on track. Be sure each step is focused and moving in the right direction. When we get pulled in too many directions at once, that is when we feel lost or confused. Today and this weekend, commit some time for you! Regain that focus and take the time to jot down your single, specific goal or dream. From there you can formulate your plan of attack. Staying focused and not deviating is going to help you be more clear with what it is you want and where you are going. When you have that concrete vision, motivation will arise! Baby steps, be patient and know that you are not alone!
As you gain focus here are a few questions to reign you in:
-If I was the only one in this world with no one to influence my decisions, what would I do?
-What makes me smile?
-When I wake up, what is the first thing that I look forward to doing?
-When I think about 1 year from now, what do I want to have done or accomplished?
-80 years old, sitting down and looking out into the sunset. What is it that you want on your resume?
-If there was NO judgement in the world, 100% support from Everyone around me, what dream would I go after TODAY?